The Generation X Conservative Opinion: The Mother of Boston Marathon Suspects Needs To Shut Up

Ever since the Boston marathon suspects have been in custody (one dead, one in serious condition), the news has been wondering what drove the two American immigrants to attack the country that they fled to. Talk about a friend named Misha and a trip to Russia have been brought up, but they seem to provide little to no information about what drove the two brothers to commit such a heinous act. Interviews with their mother, however, have drove many to believe that, whether or not mysterious Misha is in the picture, they may have had a maternal influence who led them on the path of radical jihad.

Zubeidat Tsarnaev
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In an interview with CNN, Zubeidat Tsarnaev stated that she did not care whether or not her second son was killed. She also blamed the U.S. government for her son’s death and other son’s arrest, and she did not make her sons take any responsibility for the horror that they caused. She even said that she did not care if she died, and that if she or her other son were to be killed she would praise Allah for it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Various reports are claiming that one of the Tsarnaev brothers talked about jihad with his mother and that the Russian government has the recordings. While I have not confirmed this personally, it would be a bombshell if in fact it turned out to be accurate (looks likely as she was put on the U.S. terrorist watch list), and it would totally shut down Zubeidat Tsarnaev from spreading her hate and anger throughout the world.

That is exactly what I would like to see happen. Mrs. Tsarnaev is defending her sons and their ways of terrorism, and she needs to shut up. Those who were killed and injured at the hands of her sons are the only ones who can complain, and she is showing just how evil her and her family are every time she open her mouth with words of sympathy towards her criminal offspring.

Also, Mrs. Tsarnaev should not be allowed to come into this country. She is on a terrorist watch list, and the government allowing her into this country could be dangerous. If she does return, she should be arrested for trying to steal some pricey dresses a few years ago. After all, she committed a criminal act, and she deserves to be punished for it. Any American would be held responsible for the act, and we shouldn’t treat those who encourage terrorism better than our own citizens.

To close, I would like to restate my position that Zubeidat Tsarnaev should quit berating the United States and make her sons take responsibility for their actions. She is a terrorist sympathizer, and she should be told that her opinion doesn’t count. Only those who want to protect and stand by our country are the ones who should be allowed to come here. Those who want to see us destroyed should stay wherever they live. If we would implement this way of thinking int our laws, then we could help greatly reduce the risk of another terrorist attack.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


Liberal Myth Number 3: Somehow Israel Is The Country That Violates Human Rights

One of the issues that I hold closet to my heart is that of Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation. I hear liberals and PLO supporters harp and moan about how they believe Israel is somehow intrinsically evil, but I don’t buy it. Many of my liberal colleagues state that their disapproval of Israel is because they feel the country violates human rights while defending themselves from the Palestinians. The truth is, Palestine is the nation which violates rights on a massive scale. Just look at some of the things that we hold dearest in America, and then compare it to Palestine’s take on the same things. You will see that those who are anti-Israel have no solid proof.

Firstly, let’s look at the rights of women. Israel does not have a dress code about what a woman can wear, and their law does not state that men are above women. They allow women to served in the armed forces, and their laws on the books that women can press charges against abusive partners. In Palestine, women must abide by Sharia law, and men are allowed to beat them without any repercussions. It is obvious which nation stands up for the rights of women, but liberals,even feminist liberals, somehow stand behind Palestine and its sexist laws.

Next, let’s look at the rights of gays and lesbians in the two countries. Israel allows gay and lesbian couples to have kids, and GLBT people are allowed to serve in the military. Across the way in Palestine, gays have to fear for their lives, and many have to flee to Israel in order to be safe. Liberals, who are supposed to stand for the rights of gays and lesbians should be the ones who support Israel the most, but this is not the case. Instead, they support the Palestinians and the hatred that they carry toward women and GLBT people.

Since this is the case,what draws liberals to support the terrorist state of Palestine? The answer is simple, and it is that liberals are brainwashed by the P.R. people of Palestine. Palestine is constantly pumping the lie that Israel is blowing up its women and children, but the truth is that Palestine is the culprit of the killings of women in children. They constantly send bombs to some of the most crowded areas in Israel to kill as many people as they can, and it shows just how cold the Palestinian state can be.

So what should the United States due to defend Israel, its only ally in the region? The answer is whatever it takes. Israel has helped us in the past, and we must help them. If that means sending troops there if they are attacked or medical help to aid the victims of those who are injured by the Palestinian bombing that occur, then so be it. They are a democratic nation, not an Islamic dictatorship, and we should do everything in our power to help keep the one glimmer of democracy in the region shining for years to come. We have been blessed as a nation with freedom, and we should spread this blessing throughout the world.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

The Ones That Make Us Look Bad

Yesterday, I wrote an article about liberals falsely making the claim that conservatives are racists simply because they disagree with their liberal ideologies. This problem has been one that has long been a burden of being a conservative, and it shows the way we have to stand up for integrity. Unfortunately, there are some in our party who are racist, and they make it even harder for us conservatives who believe in equality and fairness to all people to stand up for ourselves.

I first realized how much these individuals affected the way we conservatives are viewed by the ┬ámedia when the Tea Party was growing rapidly a few years ago. While there were thousands of honest, good Americans at the Tea Party rallies, there were always a few people that had signs that were discriminatory towards Barack Obama due to his race. This was shocking, and it disappointed me tremendously. They were supposed to be fighting for “liberty and justice for all”, but they were instead holding racist signs that diminished their cause to their fellow conservatives and to any other person who watched them spew hate while trying to stand for a cause that they have little business defending.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann often makes modern conservatives look bad. (Image Via

They aren’t the only ones that make us look bad though. There are conservative media commentators that have said discriminatory remarks, and we should not support these individuals with our money. Instead, we should view media that features conservatives who respect the dignity of all human life. This includes those who respect the life of all races, skin colors, and sexual orientations. Sexual orientation, a highly debated topic, is something that I find many conservatives like to demonize, and this is another area which makes us look bad.

The one political figure that I think epitomizes conservative homophobia, which makes our party look bad, is Michele Bachmann. The congresswoman has been on a smear campaign against GLBT people ever since she was elected, and it reflects poorly on our party. I am from a new generation of conservatives who are for gay rights, and I find that Michele Bachmann and others like her our hurting our cause. After all, we need to have a wide tent so that our movement can grow, and saying such hateful things towards gay and lesbian people does nothing but make our party numbers stagnant. We are in the 21st century, and we need to realize that certain outdated ideologies are not going to help conservatism to grow.

That’s why the new generation of conservatives must stand up against these people. We have the opportunity to clear our party’s name from the hate that a few in the party spread. So next time you hear a fellow conservative say something that would make our party look bad, tell them that it’s not cool. We are the party of the Constitution , and this means we, more than any other party, should stand for liberty and justice for all.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Liberal Myth Number 2: If You Stand Up for Conservative Values You Are A Racist

In the world of a conservative activist, one of the most common taunts that we hear from liberals is that we are racist. This myth, which already existed long before the election of our current President, became even more deeply cemented into the liberal psyche after Obama’s election. Those of us who have been in the game for a bit know the tactics, but we are not the ones at risk. The new generation of conservatives are the ones that we need to look out for because they are being bombarded with that message from their peers, their professors, and the media.

Example of how liberals demonize conservatives by calling them racists.
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I know this first hand because I am from that generation. I am a bit tougher than others so I am not easily influenced, but I see my peers falling into the lies of liberals. For instance, I remember how afraid some of my friends were to speak out about their disappointment after Obama’s reelection because they felt that they would be targeted by faculty at my university. I understood their fears though because one of my professors wore an Obama T-shirt to class the next day and stated how glad she was Obama had four more years. No one who was conservative said anything due to the fact that the entire term the professor had stated things about Romney’s sexism and racism, and no one wanted to have that put on them.

This type of thing plays out every day in the liberal hotbeds of college campuses. It doesn’t just pertain to Obama though. I have heard those who believe that individuals should come here legally told that they were racist, and that their opinions showed how much “white privilege” they had. Some of these students fought to defend themselves, but other students sat silently as they were scolded. It’s just not right that those of us who stand up for the law are victimized and called racists, but it happens every day in our world. It’s a harsh reality that is spread throughout our society, and the media is the number one place to look when trying to determine how this myth is spread throughout our country.

If you watch any liberal media, you will hear those who are for illegal immigration rant and rave about how they are standing up for equality. Oftentimes, you will even hear them attack those who disagree with the insult of being a racist. It is sickening, but it seems to work as more and more young Americans are brainwashed with such hogwash ideas. It is a sad state of affairs when it comes to the current landscape of our media, but the fact is liberals in the media industry will continue to call those who disagree with them as racist as long as they think it can intimidate the individual(s) they are talking about.

That is where we conservatives can win. Let’s not let these false accusations affect us. We know that we are not racists, and we shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for our beliefs in spite of being called such vitriolic things by liberals. They have problems when it comes to race and their party due to the fact that they demonize African American conservatives. If you want proof, just watch any of the films ┬áthat chronicle liberals bias toward African American Republicans. It will make you realize that those who like to throw stones at us have their own fair share of issues, and it will help you to continue on in the fight for conservative values. That way, we can stand strong and spread our values of acceptance, love, and American values to a whole new generation.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Liberal Myth Number 1: People Who Are Against Abortion Are Against Women’s Rights

Recently, the battle for the right to life has taken an uphill turn as several states have instated laws that make it tougher for a woman to end the life of her unborn child. Up until this time, it has mostly been strong Christian states from the south who have begun to implement these laws, but now northern states are taking not. One such incident is a bill that is going through the Pennsylvania House that would not allow money from Obamacare to be used for abortion. As with any issue, liberals have there talking points….or lies, and this issue is no different.

Brian Sims (Image Via

The representative to spread the liberal myth was Democratic congressman Ryan Sims. In the debate, Mr. Sims got up and announced that he was voting against the bill because, unlike other of his colleagues, he respected women. He then went on to tell his colleagues that they are voting based on the Bible, and that they should not do that. It was a bashing with words, but it is no strange coincidence when it comes to liberals trying to find a way to stand up for their lack of morals.

The fact is, that those who voted for the bill to pass simply did not want to see any more innocent babies lose their lives. While some may have cited religious reasons for their votes, I am sure that many also voted the way that they did in order to protect the liberties of their constituents. After all, forcing someone who believes the way I do, that abortion is murder, is one of the biggest slaps in the face to individual rights I can think of. So, I think that Mr. Sims should cool his temper tantrums down and realize that people have differing of opinions. That doesn’t mean they are against women’s rights, and for him to say such a thing is just absurd.

After all, think about all of those who voted for the measure to go through that were women. They are strong, powerful women who are great examples of feminism, but they just don’t agree with abortion. For Mr. Sims so say such a thing is a gross degradation of their character, and it shows that he is not for women the way that he states that he is in his speech.

Mr. Sims is not alone in this thinking though. There are countless numbers of liberals who spew this type of myth all over the world in order to vilify those who are against abortions. That’s why we conservatives need to stand strong in our beliefs even if it means we are called sexist. That way, we will not let the liberals win.

P.S. This is the link to Sims’ speech.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Update On Paul Kevin Curtis Case

Well folks, the United States government has dropped all charges against Paul Kevin Curtis, the man who was arrested after the feds thought he sent ricin to several government officials. It’s a gross injustice,but it looks like Curtis is going to try to get what he can out of the ordeal from the press conference (link below), and I say good for him.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Paul Keven Curtis’ Release Shows Clear Failure of the Feds

Last week I reported how the news media was giving misinformation to the American people when it came to the suspect who was sending letters laced with ricin to government officials. After the mix up, Paul Kevin Curtis was arrested for allegedly sending these letters, and he has spent the last several days in jail. Well today, he was released due to the fact they could not find any ricin in his home or car, and this points to one thing. Paul Keven Curtis was most likely mistakenly arrested, and sources say that this could mean that he was framed.

Paul Kevin Curtis was released today. This raised questions about whether he was framed. (Image Via and the AP)

When I heard this news, I was startled. The United States government has some of the best technology and most intelligent people working in their favor. Therefore, they should not be making such sloppy decisions. I understand that they had a lot on their plate with the explosions at the Boston Marathon, but the fact that they arrested a man without sufficient evidence is just unfathomable to me. To me, it would have been much better if they would have just told the American people that it would take some time to find whoever was sending the ricin to government officials and caught the correct individual. They didn’t though, and now a madman has been on the loose for the last few days because of it.

Additionally, I am wondering how Paul Kevin Curtis feels about this whole issue. He has spent the last few days being vilified by the media, the government, and his fellow Americans. Who knows what people in his town are going to think about him upon his return? Some may not have heard the news of his possible innocence and try to pick a fight with him or cause some kind of harm to him. He will have to be aware of his surroundings 24 hours a day simply because of hasty decisions made by our government.

Another important factor about this whole story is that it represents the fact that we cannot be ensured safety from our own government. If Paul Kevin Curtis was wrongfully arrested for doing something he may not have done, who is to say that it cannot happen to anyone? All I have to say is that you and I better be careful not to make someone upset at us because they may frame us,and the government could do a lax job on their investigation on us as well. It’s a scary thought, but the way the government has been acting lately, it would not surprise me one little bit.

So what to do America? I say, if he is cleared of all charges, stand behind Paul Kevin Curtis. Yes, he may be a little strange, but if he is innocent he should not have been subjected to jail time. Remember, if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone so demand the government issues an apology to him. That way, they can make things a little bit more right and help us feel that we do not have to feel about such shabby work leading to another wrongful arrest.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative