This Land Is Our Land and Our Kids Are Our Kids: Just Saying Melissa Harris-Perry And MSNBC

America was founded on freedom. We have the freedom to bare arms, the right to speech and protest and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have the right to raise our families the way that we choose and to make sure we take care of our children. That is unless you are MSNBC and Melissa Harris-Perry. As many of you have seen by now, Ms. Harris-Perry was featured in an ad that stated that we have not given enough resources into our education system because we do not see our children as community owned like we should. While I do think that Ms. Harris-Perry has a point that our education system is broken, I do not feel that we should view our children as owned by the community, the state, or the government.

In the current Obama administration, we have Michelle Obama telling us what to feed our kids, a democratic senate trying to take away our guns, and a President who has taken away our choice of whether or not we should have health care. Liberals see this invasion of freedom as “Big Daddy” government taking care of its poor little citizens, but we conservatives see it for the in your face invasion of freedom that it is. That’s why liberals defended Melissa Harris-Perry’s statements as a Christ-like act of taking care of others, and they were malicious in their attacks against anyone who disagreed with the statements made by the MSNBC host.      If they read the Bible though, they would realize that Jesus stood up for taking care of people in need. He was not an advocate for having a collective community where everyone was responsible for everyone else. For goodness sakes, the Bible is filled with passages that discuss taking personal responsibility for one’s actions, and this includes taking responsibility for one’s own children. He certainly never said that the government should ever be involved in the lives of children, but liberal elitist like Ms. Harris-Perry and others have taken his words and twisted them to fit their socialist agenda.

Yes, she may want her kids to be taken care of by the state, but I am fine taking care of my own kids. She shouldn’t try to force here communist beliefs down my throat just like I would never tell her that she had to attend a rally against abortion or force her to put her children in a religious school. Liberals nowadays think that they should have the authority to tell their fellow citizens what to do because Obama was elected for a second term, but I hate to tell them that that’s not the way things work in America. This is a land where I should be able to have the right to own my own property, have my own family, and say what I want without fear that the state will step in, and liberals need to realize that they would be better suited in a land like China or North Korea if they want the government to run their lives.       So as you tuck your kids in bed tonight, remember that they are yours. They do not belong to the government or to the collective United States.

So raise them the way that you feel they should be raised. Teach them to embrace American values and reject socialist and communist ideals. That way, we can provide a better life for the next generation and generations to come.

May God Bless America,

  • The Generation X Conservative

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