Liberal Media Aids Democrats In Taking Away America’s 2nd Amendment Rights

If you have watched any of the liberal news outlets recently, you will see a plethora of reports about the way that gun violence is affecting people’s lives. From a boy shooting his aunt to gun crime taking over Chicago, it is almost unavoidable to see some of these stories. To me, it is no coincidence that such stories have started to dominate the news media. With Democrats and liberal Republicans trying to pass legislation that will be the largest infringement on Americans’ second amendment rights, the liberals that run newsrooms around the country are starting to place the idea that guns are bad into the minds of Americans.

This came to a head when the Senate, led by Harry Reid, was successful in passing the legislation that took away rights of Americans to keep weapons. While it still has to be voted on by the Republican controlled House, the fact that there were Republicans who joined in the current trend of stripping away our Constitutional Rights is just alarming. These politicians should lose their seats the next election cycle because they are not standing up for the true principles of the Republican party. After all, if those politicians who are elected to represent the party of Constitutional rights can’t stand by there principles who can?

Why did these individuals decide to support this legislation? In my opinion, I feel that they were influenced by the stories put out by the media. They were so enthralled by the hyped up stories and tragedy related to guns in the last few weeks, I feel that they were blinded to the fact that the media is run by liberals who are glad to see that they decided to take away the rights of Americans after hearing the stories run on their networks. If only they would realize that they were being used as pawns in a political game, they may have a whole new perspective on the issue.

After all, no one was calling for stricter control on knives after a man went around a college campus stabbing people earlier this week. This was due to the fact that the media doesn’t care about getting rid of knives. They care about finding any excuse they can to belittle our Constitution on a day to day basis. If only they would realize that their actions could have great consequences if a tyrannical government ever came into power, they might take a different look at the way they went away glorifying anti-American ideals.

So what can we do as conservatives? As many of you know, the conservative movement is one that is on a grassroots level. There are many friends of mine who are signing petitions to ensure that our second amendment rights are protected in the future. So let’s stand up to Democrats, Obama, or anyone else who wants to take away our rights by petitioning and peacefully protesting for American values. This way we can see a brighter future for this great country of ours.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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