Obama Administration Finally Admits North Korea Could Have Nuclear Weapons

North Korea has been in the news. From taunting the United States with nuclear threats to talking smack about South Korea, Kim Jong Un and his regime have been drawing glares and stares from the international community. The Obama administration told the American people that the threats were just Kim Jong Un trying to establish himself with some people. As many Americans bought into this hype, I seriously doubted that they were all talk and no action.

I was proven right today. This was after The Pentagon released  a statement that said North Korea could have nuclear weapons. As many around the world were startled by this announcement, I knew it was only a matter of time. There was no way that Kim Jong Un would make such grand threats if he did not have something to back him up. Additionally, everyone has known that the Obama administration’s lackluster stance on North Korea has given them the opportunity to develop their nuclear weapons program.

So now the question is where do we go from here. At first, those in D.C. threatened North Korea with war because they were pointing missiles towards the U.S., Japan and South Korea, but they need to back up their warnings now that they know a nuclear attack is possible. Those in Japan, South Korea, and the Pacific deserve to go to bed tonight without fearing that crazed, fat man Kim Jong Un is going to send a nuclear missile towards their shore because something sets him off.

Yes, if we go to war there may be a great cost, but if a nuclear attack is carried out that cost may be greater. My grandfather, who served in World War II, always said that America should take the war to our enemies because its a lot worse if it comes ashore on our land. I stand by that, and I therefore believe that we should do something about Kim Jong Un. What to do exactly I cannot say, but I want to make sure that we protect ourselves and our allies.

So my fellow conservatives, pray for America. These are dangerous times that we live in, and we need God more than ever. Whether it be North Korea or some other issue, remember that God is in control. If we do that, we can have peace in these times of despair.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


2 thoughts on “Obama Administration Finally Admits North Korea Could Have Nuclear Weapons

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  2. I don’t mean to disabuse your strongly-felt national security ideas, but it was President George W. Bush who let North Korea go nuclear. Seriously. Check it out if you don’t believe me. On this one occasion, Obama truly has been trying to clear up W’s mess.

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