Gosnell Trial Reveals The Horrors of Abortion

At a courthouse in Philadelphia, more and more gory details are being exposed of what exactly was taking place behind the walls of a local abortion clinic run by Kermit Gosnell. As details emerge, it slowly gives us a picture of the sheer madman that Gosnell is as he killed live infants who had survived abortions and murdered numerous other children who were only weeks away from being born. While the news has not mentioned much about the trial of Gosnell, those of us who are following the trial are horrified every time more sickening details are released, and we wonder why the media does not want the rest of America to know the truth.

The answer to our question is simple though. Ever since the liberal revolution of the 1960s, the media has been aiding abortion supporters in legitimizing their cause. Today, the trend of political pundits supporting,and even glorifying, the practice of abortion has reached an all time high. This was clearly shown in when in the coverage of the murder of abortion provider George Tiller a few years ago.

While I don’t support murder in any case, the news coverage of Tiller’s homicide painted him as some sort of a hero to be worshiped. Liberal talking heads like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman devoted hours of coverage to what they painted as a heroic abortion doctor who stood up for women’s right. To me he was the opposite, but that’s because I knew the truth of who he truly was . All of this positive coverage ignored the fact that he performed illegal late term abortions that ended the lives of fully developed children. He performed some of the exact twisted acts that Gosnell did in Philadelphia, but he was given the title as a hero by the liberal media simply because they wanted to promote a positive image of abortion.

That is the same reason that they are staying mum about the monstrosities committed by Gosnell. They don’t want the American public to know about some of the demented things that abortion doctors do. To maintain the image of abortion as a woman’s right to choose is their top priority, and they do not want the American people to know that sometimes women choose to murder their newborn children. This would, after all, mean that limits would be put on abortion, and they would never want that to happen.

So what do we as conservatives need to do to ensure that stories as important as these get coverage? The answer is simple, we need to report it ourselves. We can do this by blogging, making videos on YouTube, and doing whatever else we can to draw attention to issues such as these. That way, we can have our voices heard and let the world know that we conservatives do have a voice.


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