The Generation X Conservative Opinion: Republicans Made Wrong Move Going Against Gay Marriage

Times they are a changing. From newer technologies to new traditions, it seems that things are constantly becoming different….except the Republican party. In a vote today, they stated that they still opposed gay marriage even though they are losing the battle when it comes to public opinion on the issue. While I respect them for their beliefs, I think that this is a big mistake. After all,  every state that had a bill the last election cycle about gay marriage passed the legislation.

It is easy to see why Republicans voted to reestablish their position though. A number of their base opposes gay marriage, and this includes donors to the party as well. When Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council came out and stated that those who agreed with his organization’s beliefs should stop donating money to the Republican party, I knew it was pretty much a sure sign that they were going to vote against gay marriage as a party. Money is one of the biggest factors in politics, and it helped anti gay marriage forces win this go around.

What does this mean for the future though? I have a very hard time believing that the younger generation will have a hard time voting for a candidate who opposes gay marriage. I am a twenty something year old conservative, and I feel that it is so old school to try to take away the rights of gay people just because you may disagree with them. Therefore, I have a very hard time seeing a Republican as president in 2016 even though this makes me sad.

We can do something about it though. We still have four years before the next elections, and we can make our party one of tolerance. We can come out for gay marriage and possibly win an election or we can stay stubborn in old traditions and have another Democratic president. The choice is ours, and we should make the right one.

So now it’s time to take action. Write to your Senator, Congressman, or other Republican government official and let them know that they need to embrace the future. Other conservatives like Rob Portman, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck have changed their tune on gay marriage, and the rest of conservatives could do the same. We are the next generation of conservatives, and we can change this country. So let’s get to it and

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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