Huffington Post Shows Their Antisemitic Colors In Coverage Of Viral Internet Image Featuring Jewish Man In Plastic Bag

As many of you know, the liberal media loves to find any excuse to constantly berate Jewish individuals anytime they can. From an unbalanced portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the outright hateful remarks that some media pundits make about the nation of Israel, it is not uncommon to see Israel and Jewish people under attack in the news. As conservatives, we appreciate the fact that Israel respects the rights of women, gays and lesbians, and all religions, and that is why we need to protect them when they come under attack. That is why I wanted to share a video ( link at bottom of article) with you that really got to me because I find it belittles the Jewish faith.

Many of you may have seen the image on Reddit that featured a Jewish man who was wearing a plastic bag so he did not become impure by flying over a cemetery. Due to its popularity, The Huffington Post picked up the story and covered it in their religion section. What followed, to me, was a blatant display of antisemitism that shows just how much hate the liberal media has for Israel and Jewish people in general. While many of you may disagree, let me tell you why exactly I believe that this piece was filled with antisemitism and hate.

In the clip, two hosts from “HuffPost Live”, discuss the incident. At first, the coverage started like a story should be by a respected journalist. About halfway through things changed though when the two hosts began to tease and taunt the man for his religion. They joked that they wondered how he used the bathroom if necessary, and at one post host Alyona Minkovski quips, “No drinks or snacks for him obviously.”  At this point, I began to realize that this story was not just a fun story that they wanted to cover, but it was a targeted attack on the faith of Orthodox Jews.

While some of you may see the video and think I am overreacting because it is a strange sight to see someone rapped in a plastic bag on a flight, the fact is that if they said such things about a Muslim person they would be called racist and insensitive by viewers. For instance, some individuals would think it strange for a Muslim to get out their prayer carpet, lay it down in the middle of the aisle, and begin to say their prayers during a flight, but when this happens, and trust me it happens more often than you think, the media never covers the incident as an odd peculiarity as they did this incident. That is because liberals in the media love to belittle the Jewish people any way they can, and, for some reason unknown to me, they want to cater to Muslims around the world. This incident is a perfect example of how this hate spreads, and it is made even more clear in the comments section.

While the host may have made light of the incident, Huffington Post readers’ comments were just right down mean. They belittled the Jewish religion by calling it “idiotic”, and they make more rude quips towards the man and his religion. They would be called Islamaphobes if they said this about Muslims, but that’s just the double standard that liberals have towards Israel and Jewish people in general.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening any time soon. Muslim oil tycoons and others are buying our news networks, and it is going to cause more antisemitic coverage to happen in the future. The only thing that we as conservatives to due to fight back against this is to call this hate like we see it. We need not be afraid of repercussion because we are on the right side of history, and the future will prove that our standing up changed the world for the better.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Here’s The Coverage From Huffington Post

P.S. Do you think I am overreacting or not? Let me know with your comments!


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