Did Obama Not Calling Boston Attack Terrorism Belitte It?

As all of you know, we were attacked once again yesterday when at least two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon killing three and injuring over one hundred people. Currently, the government and other officials are trying to figure out who or what caused this tragedy, and we are trying to put the pieces back together as Americans as to why this happened. We do know, however, that in spite of whether it was foreign or domestic, the incident was an act of terrorism. Most of us acknowledged this when it happened, but Barack Obama did not call it terrorrism until today.

During his press conference yesterday, he said that the perpetrators  of the Boston bombings would be held responsible for their actions, but he did not call those who did it terrorists. To me, I think that he was afraid that he would offend individuals in the Muslim world by using such terminoloy, and he wanted to make sure that the was pc in his response to cater to Muslims and Islamists around the world. While I understand that he does not want to cause World War III, I think that he should disregard the opinions of our enemies in times like these and speak the truth. The truth is that the bombing at the Boston Marathon was a terrorist attack.

Whether those who carried out the attack were from the country of Lebanon or the town of Lebanon, Pensylvania, they were terrorist. The definiton of a terrorist is not defined by one’s ethnicity, race, or religion, and therefore those who blew up those innocent people in Boston were carrying out a terroristic act. They should be charged with terrorism when we catch them, and I don’t care if they are from the Middle East or the good ol’ USA. Even if they are from the U.S., I say lock them up in Guantanamo Bay with the rest of the terrorists and let them fend for themselves. After all, they hurt so many innocent people, including killing an eight-year-old boy, that they deserve to be punished so that they can feel the hurt that they caused though. If Obama would have just said what I did, he would have garnered a lot more respect from me and other Americans who have similar attitudes.

The question that I have though is what the consequences of Obama’s delay in calling the bombing a terrorist attacks are. As I look online, I think that he has made a large minority of American citizens doubt the legitimacy of the attack. Conspiracy theories and others are hawking such stupid ideas around about the bombings such as blaming the attack on the government and even a gasline explosion. I feel that Obama’s slow respone to call the bombings acts of terrorism contributed to the growing number of people who are trying to explain away the bomibgs with conspiracy theories.

Also, I feel that Obama’s slow response to call the bombings terrorism tells the rest of the world that we are not serious about national security. After all, he waited 24 hours to give an appropriate response, and this shows the world that he was uncertain about  what caused the explosions. If he would have just been up front and honest with the American people, he could have cemented the fact that we take threats to our security serioulsy and avoided the criticism that he has gotten thus far.

To close, I would just like to say that in spite of whether or not Obama acknowleged the attack as a terroristic act yesterday or not, the fact is that innocent people lost lives. Like 9/11, we have once again felt the pain of  seeing our fellow Americans suffer at the hands of evil. I would like to say that I and every other American are sending our prayers and support to all of those suffering in Boston and would like them to know that we have their back.  We are the United States of America, and in times like these is when we stand the most United.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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