Obama Shows Unhappiness, Demonizes Gun Rights Supporters After Gun Bill Fails

(Image Via dailycaller.com)

Yesterday, I watched in amazement as Barack Obama had a press conference to talk about his feelings after the gun bill he supported failed in the Senate. During the press conference, he said that he was displeased that the Senate did not allow the bill to advance. Then, with Gabrielle Giffords and families from Sandy Hook Elementary in toe, he went, as some of my hipster friends would call it, cray cray. Not just a little either, but a whole lot.

He stated that the NRA lied to the American people to get the gun bill to fail, and he said that those of us who did not support the legislation were the reason for what he referred to as a “shameful day for America”. He then went on a rant against the gun lobby, gun owners, and the politicians who stood for their citizens’ second amendment rights. He also took the time to clarify that, while he took them with them everywhere he possibly could when talking about gun control, he did not treat the victims of gun violence as props to advance his political agenda.

To say the least, this showed how into himself Obama can truly be. I would have to agree with some of the other comments that I have read that state Obama’s rage was not due to the fact that he felt the legislation would protect Americans, but he was so  upset that HIS big bill went down in flames in the Senate. He can sometimes get selfish, and this was the ultimate display of his self absorption.

To me, he wasn’t the most narcissistic star of the press conference though. Joe Biden, who also attended, stood with the biggest pout you’d ever seen plastered across his face. It was a display that was unbecoming of any politician, yet alone our Vice President. Put it together with Barack Obama’s pure anger,and the press conference was truly a devastatingly bad display of American politics. They should have just said they were displeased and left it at that, but they had to go on a tirade which made them and our country look bad.

Want proof? An article in The Telegraph, a British magazine, laments that Barack Obama is a lame duck President after not passing his gun control bill, and it says that his press conference is an indicator that no one much cares about pleasing Obama anymore. The fact that this has been reported in an international publication goes to show that Obama’s weaknesses are coming to light, and that he is part of the reason the world is losing respect for Obama. Unlike most other conservatives, I think that Obama is a cool guy who I just happen to disagree with, and so I am giving him this advice. If you want to be respected, you must respect the rights of others. Therefore, if you would just work a little harder at respecting our Constitutional rights, you may just be able to garner the support of your people and the world.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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