What’s Up With The Saudi Deportee From The Marathon Bombings?

In most instances, I ignore theorists simply because I like facts, but the whole incident with the Boston Marathon bombings does not set right with me. What I am mainly talking about is that the FBI was questioning a suspect in the terrorist attack in Boston from Saudi Arabia for quite a long time after the bombings happened. Many on the blogs that I have read say that he was a person of extreme interest, and some say that he could have even been tied to the attack on Boston or a number of other threats to our national security. You would think that we would hold him due to the fact that it’s well known that, at least, he violated our national security. That’s not what happened though.

Instead, we deported him back to Saudi Arabia. Speculation and conspiracy theories have stated that he in with the higher ups in the Saudi administration, and Obama and the feds released him to keep peace with the country. Others have stated that he was scheduled for deportation, and that they were just carrying out what had already been scheduled. If this is the case it isn’t unreasonable to do. Or is it?

Whether he was involved in the bombings of the Boston Marathon or not, the fact is that he is getting deported because he violated national security. Last time I checked, it wasn’t safe to take send someone back to their home country after they violated our security. Because, after all, it hasn’t turned out so great to deport those who have tried to cause us harm in the past, and disabling any individual from ever breaching our national security should be our highest priority.

That is why I think that they should have held him in prison. I don’t know what the sentence should have been due to the fact that I don’t know what the offense was exactly, but some jail time should be served. Doesn’t it make sense to put those who may want another 9/11 or Boston Marathon bombing to occur behind bars to protect ourselves? It does, and that is why I am just not understanding why Obama and his administration has such a difficult time to put away the bad guys when they obviously breached our national security. Could it be, as some as speculated, that Obama is indebted to the Saudi people, because Saudi friends allegedly helped pay for his education. Whatever it is, this is such a slap in the face of the American people, and it shows the lax mood in which the Obama administration treats domestic policy issues.

So now, like I always say, we should demand to know what happened. If are safety is being placed in jeopardy to keep diplomatic relationships peachy keen, we have the right to petition and protest peacefully until we know the truth. Luckily, conservatives on Capitol Hill are already trying to have the documentation of the incident to released, and this could reveal the truth. Then, we can truly know the corruption that is in our government, and we can do something to change it and make us feel safe again.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


2 thoughts on “What’s Up With The Saudi Deportee From The Marathon Bombings?

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that when there’s a rapid, large police response, based on evidence indicating some sort of Islamist connection, there will be less related foreign nationals caught in the net. He probably overstayed whatever kind of Visa he has, which is common. These distractions are irritating, but I’m thinking more and more that these kids were home-grown sympathizers, terrorist wanna-bes, losers who couldn’t settle themselves (as their uncle characterized them). They made too many basic, stupid mistakes that trained AQ operatives wouldn’t have, and it got them caught. Killing the MIT cop, carjacking and declaring “We’re the bombers” to their captive, not getting out of the area, the shootout, not having a clear escape or suicide plan. These two took action after action that would draw attention to their whereabouts. That’s why the theory that they had foreign backing or training doesn’t sit right with me.

    • I agree that I do not like the way that the media is saying they had foreign training. Sounds like the older brother didn’t fit in here, and he roped the younger brother in on the act. I was just talking about another suspect that they sent back to Saudi Arabia because, and I quote from several reliable sources, he “breached national security”. I just want to know what that menas because he could come back over here in 10 or 15 years and cause havoc.

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