Paul Keven Curtis’ Release Shows Clear Failure of the Feds

Last week I reported how the news media was giving misinformation to the American people when it came to the suspect who was sending letters laced with ricin to government officials. After the mix up, Paul Kevin Curtis was arrested for allegedly sending these letters, and he has spent the last several days in jail. Well today, he was released due to the fact they could not find any ricin in his home or car, and this points to one thing. Paul Keven Curtis was most likely mistakenly arrested, and sources say that this could mean that he was framed.

Paul Kevin Curtis was released today. This raised questions about whether he was framed. (Image Via and the AP)

When I heard this news, I was startled. The United States government has some of the best technology and most intelligent people working in their favor. Therefore, they should not be making such sloppy decisions. I understand that they had a lot on their plate with the explosions at the Boston Marathon, but the fact that they arrested a man without sufficient evidence is just unfathomable to me. To me, it would have been much better if they would have just told the American people that it would take some time to find whoever was sending the ricin to government officials and caught the correct individual. They didn’t though, and now a madman has been on the loose for the last few days because of it.

Additionally, I am wondering how Paul Kevin Curtis feels about this whole issue. He has spent the last few days being vilified by the media, the government, and his fellow Americans. Who knows what people in his town are going to think about him upon his return? Some may not have heard the news of his possible innocence and try to pick a fight with him or cause some kind of harm to him. He will have to be aware of his surroundings 24 hours a day simply because of hasty decisions made by our government.

Another important factor about this whole story is that it represents the fact that we cannot be ensured safety from our own government. If Paul Kevin Curtis was wrongfully arrested for doing something he may not have done, who is to say that it cannot happen to anyone? All I have to say is that you and I better be careful not to make someone upset at us because they may frame us,and the government could do a lax job on their investigation on us as well. It’s a scary thought, but the way the government has been acting lately, it would not surprise me one little bit.

So what to do America? I say, if he is cleared of all charges, stand behind Paul Kevin Curtis. Yes, he may be a little strange, but if he is innocent he should not have been subjected to jail time. Remember, if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone so demand the government issues an apology to him. That way, they can make things a little bit more right and help us feel that we do not have to feel about such shabby work leading to another wrongful arrest.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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