Liberal Myth Number 1: People Who Are Against Abortion Are Against Women’s Rights

Recently, the battle for the right to life has taken an uphill turn as several states have instated laws that make it tougher for a woman to end the life of her unborn child. Up until this time, it has mostly been strong Christian states from the south who have begun to implement these laws, but now northern states are taking not. One such incident is a bill that is going through the Pennsylvania House that would not allow money from Obamacare to be used for abortion. As with any issue, liberals have there talking points….or lies, and this issue is no different.

Brian Sims (Image Via

The representative to spread the liberal myth was Democratic congressman Ryan Sims. In the debate, Mr. Sims got up and announced that he was voting against the bill because, unlike other of his colleagues, he respected women. He then went on to tell his colleagues that they are voting based on the Bible, and that they should not do that. It was a bashing with words, but it is no strange coincidence when it comes to liberals trying to find a way to stand up for their lack of morals.

The fact is, that those who voted for the bill to pass simply did not want to see any more innocent babies lose their lives. While some may have cited religious reasons for their votes, I am sure that many also voted the way that they did in order to protect the liberties of their constituents. After all, forcing someone who believes the way I do, that abortion is murder, is one of the biggest slaps in the face to individual rights I can think of. So, I think that Mr. Sims should cool his temper tantrums down and realize that people have differing of opinions. That doesn’t mean they are against women’s rights, and for him to say such a thing is just absurd.

After all, think about all of those who voted for the measure to go through that were women. They are strong, powerful women who are great examples of feminism, but they just don’t agree with abortion. For Mr. Sims so say such a thing is a gross degradation of their character, and it shows that he is not for women the way that he states that he is in his speech.

Mr. Sims is not alone in this thinking though. There are countless numbers of liberals who spew this type of myth all over the world in order to vilify those who are against abortions. That’s why we conservatives need to stand strong in our beliefs even if it means we are called sexist. That way, we will not let the liberals win.

P.S. This is the link to Sims’ speech.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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