Liberal Myth Number 2: If You Stand Up for Conservative Values You Are A Racist

In the world of a conservative activist, one of the most common taunts that we hear from liberals is that we are racist. This myth, which already existed long before the election of our current President, became even more deeply cemented into the liberal psyche after Obama’s election. Those of us who have been in the game for a bit know the tactics, but we are not the ones at risk. The new generation of conservatives are the ones that we need to look out for because they are being bombarded with that message from their peers, their professors, and the media.

Example of how liberals demonize conservatives by calling them racists.
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I know this first hand because I am from that generation. I am a bit tougher than others so I am not easily influenced, but I see my peers falling into the lies of liberals. For instance, I remember how afraid some of my friends were to speak out about their disappointment after Obama’s reelection because they felt that they would be targeted by faculty at my university. I understood their fears though because one of my professors wore an Obama T-shirt to class the next day and stated how glad she was Obama had four more years. No one who was conservative said anything due to the fact that the entire term the professor had stated things about Romney’s sexism and racism, and no one wanted to have that put on them.

This type of thing plays out every day in the liberal hotbeds of college campuses. It doesn’t just pertain to Obama though. I have heard those who believe that individuals should come here legally told that they were racist, and that their opinions showed how much “white privilege” they had. Some of these students fought to defend themselves, but other students sat silently as they were scolded. It’s just not right that those of us who stand up for the law are victimized and called racists, but it happens every day in our world. It’s a harsh reality that is spread throughout our society, and the media is the number one place to look when trying to determine how this myth is spread throughout our country.

If you watch any liberal media, you will hear those who are for illegal immigration rant and rave about how they are standing up for equality. Oftentimes, you will even hear them attack those who disagree with the insult of being a racist. It is sickening, but it seems to work as more and more young Americans are brainwashed with such hogwash ideas. It is a sad state of affairs when it comes to the current landscape of our media, but the fact is liberals in the media industry will continue to call those who disagree with them as racist as long as they think it can intimidate the individual(s) they are talking about.

That is where we conservatives can win. Let’s not let these false accusations affect us. We know that we are not racists, and we shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for our beliefs in spite of being called such vitriolic things by liberals. They have problems when it comes to race and their party due to the fact that they demonize African American conservatives. If you want proof, just watch any of the films  that chronicle liberals bias toward African American Republicans. It will make you realize that those who like to throw stones at us have their own fair share of issues, and it will help you to continue on in the fight for conservative values. That way, we can stand strong and spread our values of acceptance, love, and American values to a whole new generation.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


2 thoughts on “Liberal Myth Number 2: If You Stand Up for Conservative Values You Are A Racist

  1. One way to show that you’re not racist is to call out racism in your own party. For instance, saying that Alaska Rep Young is really racist helps to demonstrate how not-racist you are. Just like calling Romney out on his 47% comments is helpful to show that you aren’t classist.

    Pretty much anything that involves you fighting racism is a good thing. Because, as a liberal, I find myself usually calling people racist because they were, you know, racist. Political affiliation is usually a moot point.

    • I actually agree with you tehgay. That was going to be a future article because that would be a lot to fit into one piece, and it was getting late. There are some conservatives that are racists, and they deserve to be told that their opinions are ignorant and outdated. I was talking about some liberals who just call out conservatives for being racist due to the fact that they don’t support Obama’s policies or stuff like that. Standing up to true racism is important, and I appreciate you doing that. Thanks for your comment, and I hope that I cleared up some stuff.

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