The Ones That Make Us Look Bad

Yesterday, I wrote an article about liberals falsely making the claim that conservatives are racists simply because they disagree with their liberal ideologies. This problem has been one that has long been a burden of being a conservative, and it shows the way we have to stand up for integrity. Unfortunately, there are some in our party who are racist, and they make it even harder for us conservatives who believe in equality and fairness to all people to stand up for ourselves.

I first realized how much these individuals affected the way we conservatives are viewed by the  media when the Tea Party was growing rapidly a few years ago. While there were thousands of honest, good Americans at the Tea Party rallies, there were always a few people that had signs that were discriminatory towards Barack Obama due to his race. This was shocking, and it disappointed me tremendously. They were supposed to be fighting for “liberty and justice for all”, but they were instead holding racist signs that diminished their cause to their fellow conservatives and to any other person who watched them spew hate while trying to stand for a cause that they have little business defending.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann often makes modern conservatives look bad. (Image Via

They aren’t the only ones that make us look bad though. There are conservative media commentators that have said discriminatory remarks, and we should not support these individuals with our money. Instead, we should view media that features conservatives who respect the dignity of all human life. This includes those who respect the life of all races, skin colors, and sexual orientations. Sexual orientation, a highly debated topic, is something that I find many conservatives like to demonize, and this is another area which makes us look bad.

The one political figure that I think epitomizes conservative homophobia, which makes our party look bad, is Michele Bachmann. The congresswoman has been on a smear campaign against GLBT people ever since she was elected, and it reflects poorly on our party. I am from a new generation of conservatives who are for gay rights, and I find that Michele Bachmann and others like her our hurting our cause. After all, we need to have a wide tent so that our movement can grow, and saying such hateful things towards gay and lesbian people does nothing but make our party numbers stagnant. We are in the 21st century, and we need to realize that certain outdated ideologies are not going to help conservatism to grow.

That’s why the new generation of conservatives must stand up against these people. We have the opportunity to clear our party’s name from the hate that a few in the party spread. So next time you hear a fellow conservative say something that would make our party look bad, tell them that it’s not cool. We are the party of the Constitution , and this means we, more than any other party, should stand for liberty and justice for all.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


3 thoughts on “The Ones That Make Us Look Bad

  1. Gay rights, civil rights-

    Anthony Trollope put it beautifully in the Palliser series. The Liberals (in 19th century Britain, the Whigs) were on the side of progress, steering the carriage. The Conservatives/ Tories were providing a useful service, preventing the carriage from going too fast- but which would you prefer to be, steering the carriage or pulling on the brakes? Gay rights and civil rights were liberal causes first. It is really good to see Republicans coming round and coming out- but they are behind.

    We liberals were right first. What does that tell you?

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