Liberal Myth Number 3: Somehow Israel Is The Country That Violates Human Rights

One of the issues that I hold closet to my heart is that of Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation. I hear liberals and PLO supporters harp and moan about how they believe Israel is somehow intrinsically evil, but I don’t buy it. Many of my liberal colleagues state that their disapproval of Israel is because they feel the country violates human rights while defending themselves from the Palestinians. The truth is, Palestine is the nation which violates rights on a massive scale. Just look at some of the things that we hold dearest in America, and then compare it to Palestine’s take on the same things. You will see that those who are anti-Israel have no solid proof.

Firstly, let’s look at the rights of women. Israel does not have a dress code about what a woman can wear, and their law does not state that men are above women. They allow women to served in the armed forces, and their laws on the books that women can press charges against abusive partners. In Palestine, women must abide by Sharia law, and men are allowed to beat them without any repercussions. It is obvious which nation stands up for the rights of women, but liberals,even feminist liberals, somehow stand behind Palestine and its sexist laws.

Next, let’s look at the rights of gays and lesbians in the two countries. Israel allows gay and lesbian couples to have kids, and GLBT people are allowed to serve in the military. Across the way in Palestine, gays have to fear for their lives, and many have to flee to Israel in order to be safe. Liberals, who are supposed to stand for the rights of gays and lesbians should be the ones who support Israel the most, but this is not the case. Instead, they support the Palestinians and the hatred that they carry toward women and GLBT people.

Since this is the case,what draws liberals to support the terrorist state of Palestine? The answer is simple, and it is that liberals are brainwashed by the P.R. people of Palestine. Palestine is constantly pumping the lie that Israel is blowing up its women and children, but the truth is that Palestine is the culprit of the killings of women in children. They constantly send bombs to some of the most crowded areas in Israel to kill as many people as they can, and it shows just how cold the Palestinian state can be.

So what should the United States due to defend Israel, its only ally in the region? The answer is whatever it takes. Israel has helped us in the past, and we must help them. If that means sending troops there if they are attacked or medical help to aid the victims of those who are injured by the Palestinian bombing that occur, then so be it. They are a democratic nation, not an Islamic dictatorship, and we should do everything in our power to help keep the one glimmer of democracy in the region shining for years to come. We have been blessed as a nation with freedom, and we should spread this blessing throughout the world.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


6 thoughts on “Liberal Myth Number 3: Somehow Israel Is The Country That Violates Human Rights

  1. You and I have a striking similarity, we both keep Israel’s right to exist as an issue closest to heart. However the point of difference is that i oppose it on the basis of historical facts and their religious importance. If Israel had been a nation anywhere on the globe other than Jerusalem then I would have had no objection in accepting and honoring their right. But Jerusalem, the land and the Jews’ rule over it puts it in a doctrinal conflict with Muslims.

    • I agree with it because, according to the Jews and Christians, Israel having their land is an important part of their faith as well. As a Christian, I feel that it is important for Israel to maintain Jerusalem and the land because it is very important to Christian and Jewish doctrine. I respect your opinion, but I simply disagree.

      • Well you pointed out an important part of Jewish faith, let me add to that, for Jews the prophecy of arrival of Messiah has not been fulfilled yet, so they are looking forward to his arrival and very keen on building the temple so he can rule from Jerusalem. Now lets look at an important part of Christian faith also, concept of second coming of Jesus (which Muslims also believe in) means that Messiah already arrived in the past but could not complete his mission as he was crucified and therefore will return in future. Christianity accuses Jews of committing this crime.

        According to Qur’an (Koran as some call it) Muslims are prohibited to be friends with such Jews and such Christians who are themselves friends with each other. I will not put my opinion among these facts and leave you to do some of your own research on this subject.

      • Thanks for starting the discussion. Let me just clarify a few things. According to Christianity, Jesus completed his mission when he died on the cross. That was that he allowed us Christians to be saved without having to abide by the Old Testament law by dying for our sins, as he is God in human form in our belief system. He is coming a second time to gather all of those individuals who believed in him after his death so that everyone can have the chance to believe in him. Additionally, while he was crucified in Israel, we do not say that the Jewish people killed him. At the time of his death, Rome ruled Israel, and, while some Jewish people were present at his crucifixion, a large number of Romans, Arabs, Europeans, and others were there as well. Also, Christians believe that since Jesus died to cover the sins of the world, that everyone crucified Jesus because if no one sinned, he would not need to die. It’s a big misconception that Christians believe that the Jewish people killed Jesus, and I am glad I get to clear it up here.

      • I must say you are 100% correct according to the Bible but to me the authenticity of Bible is in question. Richard Elliott Friedman (professor of University of Georgia) is the author of “Who wrote the Bible?”. I am sure you can benefit from that book or bring proof against it.

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