We Want Our Big Gulps,Sodas And Krispy Kremes: What’s Wrong With That?

Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg are on a rampage. They want the government to interfere with the lives of U.S. citizens in one of the most intrusive ways possible. From trying to ban soda to dictating what our kids should eat, they are attacking our most basic rights. They are attacking our diets, and they have no business doing such a thing.

(Image Via legacy.utsandiego.com)

As Michelle Obama announced her platform  to end childhood obesity in 2008, no one knew the lengths that she would go to promote her cause. From promoting a tax on not so healthy foods to talking trash about soda, she has been in a full swing mode of trying to take away the simple pleasures that Americans enjoy. In New York, where officials have been trying to ban soda, the madness continues, and it shows the sad state of our government.

The fact is, Americans deserve to have a little bit of joy in their lives in these tough economic times. With job loss and money issues affecting most in the middle class, I believe that it is fundamental that Americans get to unwind, and I say that if Krispy Kreme is involved in that, so be it. Those in the government don’t see that though. They simply see how much power that they control, and they could care less who is affected by that.

For decades now, the middle class has been left to fend for themselves, and it has gotten much worse since Obama has come into office. With Obama’s love of socialism, it’s no surprise that Michelle also feels like she should limit what Americans do. Michael Bloomberg, the power hungry rich man, also is most likely trying to ban soda in NYC to get a kick out of getting more power.

Luckily, we have some conservatives who are here to stand up for our rights to eat what we please. One of those stand up politicians is Sarah Palin, who made a big statement for American freedoms to eat and drink what we choose when she slurped down a big gulp at CPAC earlier this year. She and others like her are what we need more of in America. We have rights, and the government should not try to take away our rights to do this. So I say cheers to those who stand up for our rights and up to the government even when they are part of that government. That cheers, of course, is with a big gulp in one hand a doughnut in another.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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