The Generation X Conservative Opinon: Katherine Russell, Wife of Dead Boston Bomber, Deserves Jail

As we go day by day, we are learning more and more information about the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings and their families. Last week I reported how the Tsarnaev brothers’ mother had been complaining about the death and arrest of her two sons, and now it seems that their could be one more person who has possibly been crucial in helping the two brothers escape the police. That person is Katherine Russel, the wife of the dead Tsarvaev brother.

According to Fox News, the wife of the older Tsarvaev brother allegedly was talking to her husband after he blew up the finish line at the Boston marathon, killing three and injuring over 100. While she has been acting like she is an innocent party until now, it is looking more and more like she could be a top winner in the Mrs. Jihadi USA pageant. The American, who converted to Islam after meeting her now dead husband, has been playing us all like a video and doing a darn good job of it. That’s why I say if these accusations end up being true, Ms. Russell should trade in her sunglasses and cheetah print head covering for handcuffs.

Any man who was in the position would face criminal charges. Proof of this can be seen in the arrest of the three college friends who tried to help the younger Tsarnaev brother hide from police after attack. They all face serious charges for helping him flee from cops, and that’s exactly what Katherine Russell helped her husband do. Therefore, she deserves imprisonment just like her brother-in-law’s friends.

She may not get it though.. No arrest has been made even after this information has been brought to the public’s attention, and it’s making me think (I have not evidence, just a hunch) that a plea deal might have been reached. After all, if an email exists that shows her helping her husband hide from the cops after the attacks, it is obvious that an arrest should be made. The question now is if and when this will happen, and, if it doesn’t, what does that mean for our justice system?

We have been weak on terrorism since Obama got into office, and this will give the world another clue that we are not serious when it comes to terrorism. Therefore, a federal investigation should be put into affect to see if she was culpable, and we should then hold her responsible for her actions. That’s the only way that we can have justice for those who lost lives, limbs, and peace of mind in the Boston Marathon attacks, and it’s the only way we can keep our borders safe. So pray that justice will be served and as always..

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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