Delaware Passes Gay Marriage: Conservatives Should Take Note

         Though I now call the Pacific Northwest my home, I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Delaware. Today I have one more reason to be proud of my home state as they are the eleventh state in the nation to pass gay marriage. While some think that it is obvious it would happen in Delaware, I can tell you that, as a native, I was shocked. It tells the conservative one thing and one thing only. We better quit with the hate if we want our cause to continue. 

    The younger generation of Republicans and conservatives want their gay and lesbian friends to get married, and they are extremely firm that they won’t vote for politicians who oppose such freedom. With 99 percent of the Republican party opposing gay marriage, it is going to become a lot less likely for a Republican to take over the White House. Therefore, we will have to put up with years and years of financial irresponsibility, gun control, and other country wrecking bills that the Democratic party promotes simply because we won’t step into the 21st century when it comes to gay marriage. 

   Let’s look at Delaware to see what Republicans really care about since they are in the news and I know a thing or two about the First State. While it is a blue state, the southern country (Sussex, where I’m from) is extremely conservative. They are hardworking people, mostly farmers, who look for politicians who can help them keep food on the table. While some are religious, many just want to be left alone, and they therefore don’t get so worked up on gay marriage. More and more conservatives, even older ones, are looking for politicians who are fiscally responsible, and that’s where we should put our efforts into instead of trying to take away the rights of our fellow citizens. 

     I know that some of you may agree with me, but the fact is that the tide is turning. We are no longer a country where intolerance can thrive like it once did. The Rick Santorums and Michelle Bachmanns of the past are nothing but jokes to my generation (20 somethings), and it will continue to be this way. Therefore, we need to put our support behind more gay friendly conservative politicians. A new day has risen in the Republican party, and we need to provide valid candidates for the next generation of conservatives to follow. It’s the only way that we will survive, and it will mean life and death for our movement. 

    So, what do you think conservatives and others reading? Do you agree that we should get behind gay marriage or stay stuck in the past? Just tell me in the comments section. All opinions are welcome, but hate speech is not. Can’t wait to here from you and as always….

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


One thought on “Delaware Passes Gay Marriage: Conservatives Should Take Note

  1. I think you have an interesting take, but I would say from personal experience that gay marriage itself is unlikely to cost the GOP votes. It’s a straw, but it won’t break the camel’s back, if that makes sense. Additionally, the Supreme Court will probably issue a ruling on gay marriage that will effectively remove the issue from the legislative domain within the year. That will probably mitigate any negative effects on the party.

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