Jodi Arias Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder: What Do You Think?

After months of arguments from both sides, Jodi Arias has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend. In fact, the jury has thrown the book at her about as hard as anybody as they have given her a first degree murder verdict. The trial, which captivated the nation, has raised many questions about what constitutes homicide, and I just thought that I’d write a post about what questions the trial has raised for me.

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The first and biggest question that I have is whether Jodi Arias premeditated the murder and what constitutes premeditation. If Jodi Arias were being abused, does plotting to get away from her abuser by planning his murder constitute premeditation? If so, are there other women who should be behind bars today because they killed their abusers? I think that this is a touchy issue since it deals with domestic abuse, and I am interested to get your opinion about what you think about this part in the case.

The next thing that I find interesting about this case is Jodi Arias’ demeanor on the stand. You would think that she would have a little bit more sympathy for her victim and his family, but she comes off as an ice queen and a liar. This, to me, is why I think that she guilty as most who kill out of self defense still have feelings of remorse about what they did. I was surprised her lawyers didn’t tell her to show emotion, but I guess they may have not that the trail of lies and deceit to the media that now makes her infamous.

These are just a few of the questions I have, but now I will give you a little bit more details about the case. Just to let you know, Jodi Arias has stated that she wants the death penalty over life in prison due to the fact that she has “longevity in her family”. To me, this is sick. She has taken the life of another human being, and now she is complaining about a possible life sentence. She needs to learn that if you do the crime, there will always be a punishment, and you don’t get to choose what it is. It did not help her cause at all except in making her insanity pleas a little more likely if she appeals.

To close, I would like to say something about how these criminals become popular in the media while there victims become forgotten. Look at Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson. There names are much more recognizable than Nicole Brown or Caylee Anthony who were victims in both of the cases. It goes to show how messed up we are as a nation to popularize the criminals while forgetting the victims. Hopefully this will change soon so we can seek justice for all who have been victims of criminal activity.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


5 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder: What Do You Think?

  1. If the jurors were sequestered, the outcome would have been an acquittal, no doubt about it. The prosecution never proved their case to any reasonable doubt. And, as far as the death of Travis, I love it when any child-molester like Travis gets what they deserve. One gun-shot to the head and thirty-some cuts, he got off way too easy imo.

    • You are insane, TA was not a pediphial there is no proof of him liking children. Your ignorant to even believe something like that. Jodi Arias is a liar can’t you see that. Maybe you should rewatch the trial all she did was lie Lie lie. There was nothing to prove that Travis Alexander like children or even had a gun, open your eyes listen to what his friends say,you’re ignorant to believe her.

      • Sorry Danielle, but I am not insane as you claim. I am, however, just going by the facts of the case. And yes, Travis was a pedophile by definition. I would have done much worse to Travis if he attacked me like he attacked Jodi. I still believe Travis got off way too easy for the crap he perpetrated against Jodi. Hope you stay tuned to this self-defense case because there is surely to be more information coming soon. Take care and Happy Mothers Day.

  2. hi jan corey if thats your real name no travis was not a pedofile thats for sure what have you been watching not this case thats for to more information coming out not in your life what has been presented was all part of discovery so what the hell are you talking about.l quess you like jail too have you been there?for sure!how do you know how travis attackes jodi hairyass?were you there?maybe right?just like she took all those nude pics of herself travis did not know she was there until the bitch like you found him in the shower and shocked him so what the hell are you talking about?you must be hodi hairyass twin are you?sure you are.if you think travis got off easy what more would you do?probably cut him to pieces right?you in hodis camp so you did not understand the trial period.if anyone is a pedophile is you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bitch.

    • Annie, I am soooooo very glad that Travis has been dealt with (appropriately imo) and maybe Jodi needs to have her lawyers sue that parents of Travis for damages from the abuse he inflicted upon victim-Arias.

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