Obamacare And The Elderly People I Know: Let’s Just Say It Ain’t That Great

Since Obamacare has been passed, America’s traditional values have taken a beating. First and foremost, the fact that everyone is forced to buy health care coverage by Dictator Obama is one of the biggest losses of Americans’ freedoms in years. We are supposed to have individual liberties as Americans’, but we are instead being forced to purchase spoiled goods in order for the government to give health care to illegal immigrants and those who do not give one iota whether or not their getting free health care could take food off the tables of other Americans. It is a dark day for us, but the fact is that I hope more and more Americans will realize just how messed up the health care law is after I share this story with them.

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My grandmother is 83, soon to be 84, and she relies on medicaid for her prescriptions since my grandfather passed away. She spent her life working hard taking care of my mom and her siblings while also farming chickens. She is a stand-up kind of woman, and she lives every day to the fullest even though she has arthritis. Living on a fixed income, she sometimes worries about how she will afford her medication, and Obamacare made her worry even more about this.

Last year, she payed about thirty dollars per medication after medicare. This was reasonable for her, and she didn’t complain about it. Come January though, the price for her prescriptions doubled after a portion of Obamacare went into affect. She now has to cut back on other things just to afford her prescriptions. While it affects her, this is most certainly not the only instance that this occurs, and it can happen to anyone out there.

It makes sense that if you are beginning to cover a larger swath of people’s health care for free, that those who do their share will have to pay more. For instance, if twice as many people are receiving medication, many for free, those who are paying for their prescriptions will have to pay twice as much to cover the costs of the individuals who aren’t paying their share. It’s socialism at its worst, and it will just get worse Obamacare becomes a scary reality in our country.

It may be a scary reality, but there still is hope. If we vote for conservatives in upcoming elections, we may just garner enough votes to override Obamacare. It may seem unlikely that this will happen, but those who we cherish most in our society deserve better than what they are getting. We need to raise our voice so we can give the elderly, disabled, and those in need a chance at life. In turn, future generations will also have the opportunity to live in a society of freedom.  We can continue a legacy of democracy, not socialism, for future generations, but first we need to get the courage to do so.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


One thought on “Obamacare And The Elderly People I Know: Let’s Just Say It Ain’t That Great

  1. Okay. So ObamaCare is “socialism” because it makes everyone buy health insurance, increasing the insurance pool and lowering costs. And you want to REPEAL ObamaCare, leaving people free to skip on buying insurance. But I’m assuming that you wouldn’t leave these people to die if they presented at an ER with urgent symptoms? Of course not; the hospital has to treat them by law, and assuming that they can’t pay full fare (as most of them can’t), the cost gets passed on to the schmucks who do have health insurance, either through their employer or individually.

    But you think ObamaCare is evil socialism with people being forced to pay for other people’s healthcare, and yet you don’t realize that this is the exact situation we have at the moment, and which ObamaCare (with all its flaws) tries to fix.

    Okay, here’s a question: Take the US healthcare system in the year 2008. How would you make it better?

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