What’ Going On With Soccer Moms These Days? Carolina Woman Shoots Her Whole Familly

What is the world coming to? After I see certain news stories, I have to ask myself that question. From the evils of terrorism to the mass shootings that occur around the world, the world feels that is becoming a harder and harder place to live. This week, I asked myself this question once again when it was reported a mom from South Carolina had shot her two young children and husband. Her children died, and her husband is in critical condition in a South Carolina. This brought up several questions to me, and I am going to address them in this article.

The Two Victims.
(Image Via issciencetimes.com)

The question I have is what drove Suzanna Simpson, the woman mentioned above, to shoot her entire family. While she stated that wanting to kill herself and not being able to was what caused her to turn the gun on her family, the story just doesn’t ad up to me. There have been many people who have wanted to kill themselves, and there have been many who kill others before they kill themselves. The one circumstance about this case is that she did not kill herself after killing her kids, and this makes me think that she could be extremely psychotic.

This got me thinking about gun control and the debate that we have around the issue. Instead of worrying about mentally unstable people getting  guns shouldn’t we be more worried about mentally ill people getting the professional help that they need? After all, if mentally ill people are on their proper medications and receiving proper treatment, they have little to no chance of committing such violent acts. It’s only been those who have not been receiving help that are the main perpetrators of the acts of violence which occur around the world every day.

Then I began to think about what would happen if we had gun control in place. The fact is people who want to kill others are going to do it no matter or what. Suzanna Simpson would have probably found a way to carry out the heinous act, and the fact that she had a gun did not make her do it. It was the fact that she was a deranged, evil individual that made her do it, and it should therefore teach us that getting rid of guns is not going to fix any of our problems.

The main take away that I get from the Suzanna Simpson case is not about gun control. It is about how the media has gotten about such cases. I’m sure that when the trial starts Simpson is going to get coverage on all the news networks because of the shocking facts of the case, and it will probably turn her into sort of a media star. Her children though, the innocent victims of such a senseless tragedies, probably will get little to no media coverage when they should be the ones that are talked about the most. Hopefully this will happen one day, but  I’m not holding my breath about it.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


One thought on “What’ Going On With Soccer Moms These Days? Carolina Woman Shoots Her Whole Familly

  1. “Suzanna Simpson would have probably found a way to carry out the heinous act,…”

    A few years ago a woman killed her children by strapping them the car and driving it into a lake. She got out, but they drowned. Where there is a will, there is a way.


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