North Korea Starts The Trouble Again

       Before the Boston bombings, North Korea dominated the news pretty much everyday. Then everything went silent. The media spent the next month covering the Boston bombings and rightly so. A few days ago, things started up again, and it leads me to believe that North Korea will launch a nuclear strike on South Korea within the next year, if not in the next six months. 

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    After all, Kim Jong Un has proven that he does not give one iota about his peoples’ safety as reports suffer from North Korea that its citizens are starving. Therefore, he would probably just leave the country if an attack was made on his nation.  He also has showed us that he does not care if he makes the world angry because all he wants is to show that he is a force to be reckoned with as he aimed missiles and made threats for several weeks. He is a madman, and he needs to be stopped. 

     What does this mean for the United States? It means that we must stand by our ally  South Korea. North Korea does not have the technology to launch a missile at the United States even if they want us to think they do. The next logical step then would be to attack South Korea. Of course, South Korea will attack back, and we will support them as a nation. The fact of the matter is that I don’t want to see any of our allies attacked. 

     This is why we need to take measures to prevent Kim Jong Un from carrying out a nuclear attack on South Korea. We need to do more than just make threats and then retreat. We need to attack before our allies our attacked. It is up to every politician to do this, and I am waiting for them to be proactive and lay out a plan of how they will help South Korea to remain free from all harm. 

    If not, we could lose an important ally in the world, and the consequences of this could be far reaching. So here’s to hoping that North Korea is all talk and not action, but being prepared if an attack were to occur. That way we and our allies can sleep safely knowing that we are free from North Korea and all other enemies. 

 May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 



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