Hate To Break It To You Liberals, But That Soldier Who Was Killed In London Proved That Extremist Muslims Still Exist

The liberal media has been on a bit of a blitz to protect Muslims around the world in the last few years. From defending Obama giving up the term “war on terror” to calling those who didn’t want the mosque built at Ground Zero Islamaphobes, the talking heads in the liberal world have been doing a pretty darn job trying to make Americans think that all Muslims are happy, shiny people. Meanwhile, many conservatives in the world of media have been working hard to put the truth out that there are some Muslims who would like to see America destroyed no matter what. This week they had one more instance that occurred that proved that they were right and the liberals that have been spouting false messages are wrong.

The victim
(Image Via graphic.com.gh)

The incident occurred in London, England. A man, who was a soldier in the in the British military, was on his way home from work. That is when he was surrounded by a group of men and brutally beaten. For several minutes, his attackers punched and kicked he was bloody and bruised. Women watching called the police, but it was too late when the authorities arrived. The man, a father and soldier, was dead.

The men who killed him were extremist Muslims. They were seen on video defending their murderous actions, and they said that part of the reasoning for their actions was due to the treatment of Muslims overseas. It just goes to show that while there are peaceful Muslims in the world, Islamist extremists still exist, and they are a serious threat.  They need to be taken seriously, and this incident may help people out there understand this.

Here in America, we have just gotten back up after being kicked down by Muslim extremists who planted bombs at the Boston marathon. There have been arrests in the past of people similar to these individuals who have wanted to harm us, and now maybe we will take these threats seriously now that an attack has been carried out. We are just as vulnerable as any other place to experience an attack my Muslim extremist, and we need to be prepared. If we are not, another deadly event could happen, and I don’t want to see one more American live taken away by Islamists who have no sympathy for empathy for humanity.

So all we can do is pray that the Obama administration takes these threats seriously. The liberal media should also come to some sort of realization that Muslim radicals exist and report the truth to their audiences. The days of being politically correct have cost lives, and they need to go away. That way we can protect the lives of all Americans and other patriots around the world.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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