Remembering Heroes: The Meaning Of Memorial Day

Like many holidays, Memorial Day has been turned into something it is not. Some say it is the official start of summer while others see it as a day off from work . Many use the holiday to head to the beach or have a backyard barbecue, but that’s not the reason that we celebrate this holiday at all. Those who started it would be disappointed to see what it has turned into, and that’s because the true meaning of Memorial Day is to remember American heroes.

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Millions of men and women have given up their time and their talent so that we could be free. While ordinary Americans went to work at a cozy office, these heroes risked their lives for freedom. They spent countless hours with bullets whizzing past their heads, so that we could sit peacefully in our homes watching the junk that is put in front of us on our televisions. They helped free nations and fight terrorism, risking their lives, while many of us went on with our day to day routines without thinking twice about whether or not we were going to make it through the day alive. Some even lost their lives in the name of freedom without getting any news coverage while our media outlets covered irrelevant people like Lindsay Lohan and Casey Anthony.

These veterans are not the only heroes though. Their families are also to be celebrated today and every day. These brave families spent countless holidays and special events without their loved ones so that we could be free to spend time with ours. Many even had to part with their loved ones after they were killed in battle, and these people still deal with the loss on a day to day basis. We need to get behind these families not today, but every day, so that they realize that their sacrifice is appreciated.

I say all of this to say one thing. Whether you are spending the day at a barbecue or the beach, at home with family or out with friends, or doing other things, remember that today is about celebrating those who have given up their time, talent, and life so that we could be free. Not just today, but every day, remember the veterans and their families who are risking everything for you. So the next time you see a man or woman in uniform when you are out, shake their hand and thank them for all they have done for you.

May God Bless America And Happy Memorial Day,

The Generation X Conservative


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