Liberal Bias On The College Campus: If You’re Undocumented You Get Special Treatment

     The college campus, the liberal hotbed and teaching grounds of America, is a place where things are not the way they should be. Students are targeted for having morals, convictions, and religion, and most laws are ignored or belittled by professors. Instead, students who have little morals or lack of conviction about anything righteous are considered brilliantly liberal. It’s a sick reality, but it’s what America’s education system has become. 

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    One such area where this is extremely evident is in the admissions and scholarships process when it comes to students who are illegal immigrants. I am only going to use my school as an example, but I am sure that they are not the only institution who deals with their admissions and scholarships process in the same way. After all, secondary education has become overrun by liberals, and they love to reward bad behavior. This is no different. 

       In my situation, my school gives students who are in this country illegally  special treatment by giving them first pick at admissions and scholarship opportunities. I know this because one of my professors came right out and said it one day in class while discussing his views that we should pretty much have open borders. This particular professor stated that the university that I attended sought out students who were here illegally because the university felt they were being discriminated against because conservative schools require such things as a social security card, ID, and proof of residency to attend their institutions (How could they?!). He then went on to say that illegals were given first priority at scholarship opportunities for the same reason. After all, American citizens don’t struggle nearly as hard as illegal immigrants in his eyes. I was shocked when I heard this, but I shouldn’t have been. 

    Liberals have been trying to ensure that their own citizens have to fight harder for what they have for decades now. Recently, states such as Oregon and Maryland have made laws that illegal immigrants can receive instate tuition when students from the state next door have to pay tens of thousands of dollars more each day in order to attend the same university. It is simply unfair, but that’s what liberals want. They want to award illegal activity while punish upstanding citizens. Why? I don’t really know, but it is very disturbing that their thinking is like this. 

    So what can we do to end this insanity though? We need to go back to our roots and protest bills that would allow illegal immigrants to receive instate tuition and take our children out of schools that award this bad behavior. There are schools out there that hold true to our conservative values, and if we give them our money it will send a message that we are behind them. This way, we can try to reclaim a nation that protects and honors its citizens. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


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