Enemy Of The State: Scott Compton, Teacher Who Stomped On American Flag

Scott Compton
(Image Via jobs.aol.com)

    In America, we have been given freedom to express ourselves whatever way we see fit. From saying what we want to protesting when something upsets us, we have been given an extreme privilege that most in other countries would never dream of. Unfortunately, some people take these rights to a whole new level. In some cases, they even trample on the nation that gave them this freedom….and I mean literally. 

     This happened recently in South Carolina when Scott Compton, a high school teacher, trampled on the American flag in front of his class. Students and parents alike were outraged by this behavior, and Mr. Compton was placed on leave. While this may sound like a victory to those of us who respect our nation and its symbols, Compton decided that it was taking his rights away. He filed a suit and took the school district to court. 

    That’s where things took a turn for the worse. The court decided that Scott Compton had his rights violated, and they awarded him a settlement of $85,000. Yes, after he had defiled the flag by stomping on it, they decided to award his bad behavior. It is despicable that they gave him this money, and it shows how our modern society has no morals or respect for the things that we once held sacred. 

    Yes, Scott Compton had the right to stomp on the American flag, but he did not have the right to teach vulnerable teens that it was okay if they did the same thing. Men and women have bled, fought, and died so that we have that flag, and he is belittling and demeaning their service by his actions. He is not better than those terrorist sympathizers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, and Syria who burn our flag in utter hatred, and he deserves to be fired for what he did. 

    Individuals in the Middle East who do such a thing are considered as enemies of the state by many Americans, and Scott Compton should be categorized under this too. He stomps on our flag then goes and robs our government of money simply because he cannot take responsibility for his actions, and this makes him a truly disgusting individual. The men and women who have bled, lost limbs, and been permanently damaged because they wanted to protect this country should be the ones getting settlements of tens of thousands of dollars, but we give our money to idiots like Compton instead. It is just wrong because, after all, the ones who give me, and millions of other Americans for that matter, are the veterans who risk their lives every day and not enemies of the state like Scott Compton. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


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