Why Michele Bachmann Not Running For Reelection Is A Victory For The Conservative Movemnent

   The conservative movement is evolving swiftly. From more libertarian candidates being favored over social conservatives to minorities such as Marco Rubio and others taking the party by storm, the Republican Party is much different than it was twenty years ago. Yes, there are a few strongholds from the past still in place such as Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, and good old Michele Bachmann. That was until today. 

Michele Bachmann
(Image Via politicker.com)

     Earlier today, Bachmann released a video on her website that said she won’t be seeking reelection when 2014 roles around . After nearly losing her last election to a Democratic incumbent, I wasn’t really surprised. That’s not why Michele Bachmann said she was retiring though. In fact, she did not even mention it. While traditional conservatives lamented over Bachmann’s retirement from politics, I am glad to see her go, and here’s why. 

     The conservative movement needs to get rid of the hate. Michele Bachmann stepping down is the first step in doing this. Ms. Bachmann has spent her entire political career using her status to harass, torment, and demean the lives of gays and lesbians. In fact, her district has had one of the highest rates of gay and lesbian suicides in the last few years, and I feel that there is a direct correlation to the hatred and intolerance towards GLBT people that Bachmann displays and these incidents. She is no better than a bully, and I am glad to see her go. 

   Yes, I am a conservative, but I am much different than Michele Bachmann. I am part of a new movement of young conservatives who value freedom, liberty, and fairness for ALL, and I am ashamed of those who use our movement to spew hatred, ignorance, and intolerance. I am not in the minority though. Recent polls have found that Republicans in my generation (20s) support equality for gays and lesbians, and these findings have given me hope that one day our movement will truly be one that is fair and tolerant of all people. 

   In the meantime, we still have a long way to go. Only one active Republican politician, Rob Portman, has come out in favor of gay marriage, and this just isn’t right. Hopefully, more and more people will stand up for tolerance in our party, and this will cause these numbers to grow. This way,we can begin to heal from the wounds left by hateful people like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, and a new era of compassionate and friendly conservatives will emerge. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative


2 thoughts on “Why Michele Bachmann Not Running For Reelection Is A Victory For The Conservative Movemnent

  1. A future with one less ignoramus is good news for whatever constituency she used to represent. All your points about intolerance are quite valid as well, but I think Bachmann’s most damaging quality was being a poster girl for “The Stupid Party”. Without her, it might be perceived as a bit less stupid.

  2. I applaud your repudiation of the “family values” wing of your party, but if they are waning in influence, how do you explain the avalanche of anti-abortion legislation that threatens to marginalize your entire party into insignificance?

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