The IRS Scandal Worsens: Group Now Shown To Have Targeted Groups Who Support Israel

I’ve said it many times before, and I will say it again. Israel is our ally, and we should treat them like the great asset that they are. They are the only nation in the Middle East that supports America and democracy, and they are the only nation that gives us support when we need it. They are, to me, our number one ally in the world, but Obama and his administration don’t seem to understand this fact. This was made even more evident when it was revealed this week that the IRS had targeted groups who support Israel for extra scrutiny during tax time. It had already been revealed in recent weeks that they had targeted Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations, but this is a slap in the face to everyone who stands for democracy. Israel, a democratic stronghold in the  Sharia run Middle East has had our back through thick and thin, and they are a true friend of democracy. The organizations who support them value this fact because they actually care about justice and equality, and they should be rewarded for their support of Israel.

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What do they get as a reward though? They get their taxes scrutinized, their rights violated, and their freedoms taken away simply because the Obama administration supports the terrorist run “state” of Palestine. This just isn’t fair, and it goes to show that Obama has become a rogue leader like none other this country has ever seen. He would love nothing more to enforce his socialist views on this nation, but he is doing these types of shady things because the American people would never let his visions become a reality. While some of you may think that my thinking is a little farfetched, evidence has come out in the last few days that suggest Obama may have had knowledge about the goings on at the IRS. After all, the former head of the organization who was recently fired made over one hundred trips to the White House, and what these trips were exactly for is unknown. To me, I would not be surprised if Obama knew about the targeting of the Tea Party, Pro-Israel groups and other conservative groups for extra scrutiny simply based on his track record of doing such things like boycotting Fox News and other conservative organizations early in his presidency.

It is a sad state of affairs, but it is this nation’s sad reality. Those of us who stand up for traditional values and stand behind our allies have to watch our backs because the current administration is more than happy to violate the Constitution when they disagree with someone. The good news is, we are still willing to stand up and have our voices heard. We are willing to fight back against the injustice that we receive, and we are willing to protect our nation for future generations to come.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


One thought on “The IRS Scandal Worsens: Group Now Shown To Have Targeted Groups Who Support Israel

  1. Israel, the USA’s number 1 ally? Have you ever heard of the United Kingdom? One of only five nuclear powers in the world, the fifth largest economy in the world, the PARENT of America, one of your largest foreign direct investors, the country that has stuck with you through all your wars, the smart ones and the dumb ones? A global capital of finance, culture and technology?

    But sure, Israel is better. They’re awesome. They help America SO much.

    When we borrowed money from the USA to save ourselves during WW2, we paid it back. We paid the final installment in the early 2000s, and our chancellor of the exchequer (finance minister) went personally to Washington D.C. to hand over the final cheque.

    How’s Israel doing paying back the billions of dollars in aid that it has received from multiple American administrations?

    This is why people don’t like Obama. He doesn’t know or respect his true allies. Please try to avoid falling into the same trap.

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