Russia Did What? : One Of Country’s Manufacturers Apparently Going To Sell Fighter Jets To Syria

   In recent months, Syria’s government has become tyrannical, evil, and just plain mean to its people. The Syrian people aren’t taking it though. They are fighting back with everything they have and standing up for freedom. It is a great show of the human spirit, and it is a great thing to see. 

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   Unfortunately, these people have a lot to deal with. They are being beaten, shot, and even allegedly having chemical weapons used against them. All are vulnerable as men, women, and children all are facing the assaults that the government is putting on them.  Assad, the country’s dictator, is being unapologetic about his actions, and it shows that he is a truly evil man.

   With being as evil as he is, you would think that he is short of friends, but it looks like he may have a few friends in high places. This would especially be the case in Russia. Reports have surfaced that a weapons manufacturer in the country is going to be sending Assad some fighter jets for his diabolical purpose. This is just sick, and it shows that we may just have an enemy when it comes to Russia. 

    Russia has sent Syria weapons in the past, but that was before the war broke out in the country. Those weapons, even though they aren’t willing to admit it, are currently being used to attack, and the fact that they are still selling such weapons to Syria has made them complicit in the murder of innocent civilians. They should be ashamed of themselves. After all, I understand that there are financial reasons for their dealings with the rogue dictator, but all the money in the world should not be worth all of the blood that will be on Russia’s hands for aiding Assad in murdering the Syrians who are standing up against him. They should cut off with all ties with Syria immediately, but I highly doubt that they will.

   So what should America do in this situation? We should demand that Russia stops selling the weapons to Syria, and we should tell Assad to stop violating the rights of his people. We need to be a beacon of hope for the world, and this means demanding justice. This doesn’t always mean war (the problem with the Bush administration), but it means trying to help others have the opportunity to experience what we experience as Americans. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative


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