How The Tea Party Nation Ticked Me Off!

      The Tea Party is one of the greatest movements that America has ever seen. By having a platform of smaller government and less taxation, they are on the same page that I am when it comes to the path our country should take.  There fearless fight against Obama’s administration is admirable, and they are true American heroes. Well most of them are. 

   With different fractions of the Tea Party, there are some people who have made the Tea Party movement something that it’s not. One of these fractions, which I once thought was a great example of a great movement of fiscal conservatism,really ticked me off though when they started to delve into the realm of social issues. This group, which makes you sign an agreement not to mention social issues in order to join their site, had a prominent article that focused on one of the hot button issues of the day.

   The article, entitled “A Lesbian Couple Walks Into A Muslim Bakery”, chronicled the recent outrage over the refusal of a bakery in Oregon (not far from where I live) rejected a lesbian couples request to bake their wedding cake due to Christian beliefs. It then went on to say that if they would have never walked into a Muslim bakery because their request would have obviously been denied due to the homophobia within that religion. They then went on to champion the rights of businesses to be free to choose whoever they choose, and they said that the bakery had their rights violated due to the lawsuit being brought against them. 

     While I disagreed with the article (except I get their point about Muslims becoming a group no one should speak evil of in our modern society), the comments section is what drove me insane.Person after person kept bringing up the fact that they thought homosexuality was a sin, and they let it be known they did not agree with gay marriage. It became a gay bashing session, and the comments were allowed to show on the page. This outraged me because my kind of conservatism does not take kindly to hate, and it showed that the Tea Party Nation is no better than the loons at the Family Research Council and other far right conservative groups. 

   It sickened me to see this, and it proved to me that the Tea Party Nation is nothing but an outdated organization that deals in hate games like many others. In fact, I am probably going to end my membership with the organization. After all, if my generation can’t send a message to our fellow conservatives, who will? It is the key to getting our movement back on track, and I hope that one day we will make room under our tent for all. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative

Question of the Day: Do you think that businesses should have the right to deny individuals service based on their religious beliefs? If so, where is the fine line drawn between religious liberty and discrimination?


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