Antisemitism At 3000 Feet: Entire Class From Jewish High School Gets Kicked Off Flight

    I read an article on CNN recently that really got to me. It chronicled how an entire class got kicked off an airplane in New York due to the fact that the captains and flight attendants claimed that a few of the students did not turn off their cell phones and sit down when they were told to do so. While this would be shocking to begin with (a whole one hundred students shouldn’t have to suffer for the actions of a few), a whole new element was brought into the incident because the high school class was from a Jewish high school in Brooklyn. 

Yeshiva Flatbush
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   The fact is, that whether Southwest and Air Tran want to admit it or not, the Yeshiva of Flatbush school has a right to be upset. I have been on many a plane where individuals did not listen to the flight crews instruction, but no one was asked to leave.For instance, I recall a flight that I took into New York where a woman was on the phone making dinner plans during takeoff, and the flight attendant asked her to turn the phone off several times. She continued talking for several minutes before finally hanging up the phone, but she was never asked to leave the plane. She was a grown woman, not a high school student, and the fact that she was allowed to continue her disruptive behavior while teenagers were not says something seriously wrong about the state of modern air travel.

       The fact that it was a Jewish high school may have certainly been the reason that the class was asked to get off the plane. Southwest is denying these allegations by stating that nothing antisemitic was said during the incident, but the fact that they kicked all one hundred students off the plane for the actions of less than a dozen speaks volumes. After all, discrimination does not always take a brazen and bold approach, and this certainly could have been an incident where a more subtle approach was taken in treating these students and this school was treated unfairly. 

    What does this have to do with conservatism you wonder? The fact is that as a conservative, I stand behind the Jewish people and their fight to be equal. If it were any other racial group that got kicked off of the plane that day people would be up in arms because it is evident that was was done to the class was unfair. For instance, if it were a Muslim high school class that got kicked off of the plane, riots could be occurring in the streets. It is simply because these individuals are Jewish that their struggles for equality are taken less seriously than all other racial minorities. They deserve to not have to fight this hard, and I hope for the day when they will not have this struggle on their backs. 

   On a different note, I must just say that the students who did not listen to the flight attendants were in the wrong. They should have listened to the flight attendants, as everyone should, and the fact that they didn’t shows that they were partially to blame. Everyone who flies should be aware that the captain and crew of the plane do what they do for the safety of their passengers, and they should respect them for that. At the same time, the crew had no reason to kick the whole class off the plane because of the actions of a few. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservatives

What do you think? Should the class have been kicked off the plane? Should the students that didn’t listen to the crew get kicked off? Was antisemitism involved? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. 


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