Saturday Book Review: S.E. Cupp’s “Losing Our Religion”

    So, I am going to try to do a new thing on Gen X Conservative throughout the summer. I thought that every Friday or Saturday, I could do a short blog post on a book that I’ve read. Some have to do with conservative issues while others have to do with whatever topics. I thought I would start with a conservative book, and I decided that S.E. Cupp’s “Losing Our Religion” would be a great place to start. The book, written by America’s number one conservative atheist, is a great read, and it really challenges the state of religion, or lack thereof, in our nation. 

   In the book, Cupp chronicles how religion has had a decline in America ever since the 1960’s. It talks about everything from liberals getting rid of prayer in school, evolution verses creation, and even abortion in a way that is refreshing and thought provoking. It tackles the big issues of religion in America, and Cupp makes no apologies for voicing her thoughts on the matter.

    This refreshing perspective mostly comes from the fact that Cupp is an atheist. While stating that she may not believe in God at the beginning of the book, she goes on to say that Christianity and religion is what our nation has been founded on. She defends religion with the fervor of the Southern Baptists I grew up with, and she makes the perfect argument for the importance of America. This importance, the fact that religion gives America a guidebook when it comes to governing its people, is shown throughout the book as Cupp shows how the American people were taken care of better when religion had a place within our nation, and the comparison of what happened to the American government after religion takes out reinforces the importance of religion in America. 

   It’s a great read for anybody, and I recommend it for anybody regardless of their religion or political views. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative

Have you read the book? Leave your comments below and hopefully we can get a conversation going about the book. 


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