Guns And Agendas: The Media’s Obsession With The Issue

Ever sine Columbine happened in the 1990’s, there has been a huge insurgence of the media covering gun violence in order to carry out an anti-gun agenda. With incidents like the Colorado movie theater shooting and the massacre of the elementary school in Newtown, it has amplified this agenda greatly over the last year. While these issues should be addressed seriously, taking away the rights of Americans is not the way to do. The media didn’t think so though. They decided to tackle the issue with an overwhelming bias. And what happened when these massive events weren’t in the media spotlight? Well, they decided to take isolated incidents and use them for there agenda.

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A perfect case of this is when a four year old boy accidentally shot and killed his father when visiting the home of a gun owner in Arizona. The child took a gun that was within his reach and pulled the trigger, killing his father. This tragedy has been reported all over the liberal media with anti-gun sentiments placed throughout the articles. They say that this is a perfect reason to take away guns from Americans, but they don’t realize what the discussion should truly be about this story.

The fact is, the man should have never had a loaded gun, safety off and all, in his home. He should have at least put it on safety, and, better yet, he should have taken the bullets out of the gun. Additionally, he should not have had the gun within the reach of children. They teach anybody that who goes to a hunter safety course, and this tragedy wouldn’t have happened if they would have just followed a few simple rules. This doesn’t get reported in the media though because they don’t want to feature responsible gun owners in their stories because it would hurt their cause.

At while I’m at it, I would just like to say that it was sick what Obama has been doing to help the media. He’s used the Newtown families as props in his sick agenda, and it is a disgrace what he is doing with that tragedy. He needs to realize that he should be taking serious action towards getting guns out of the hands of real criminals. He should not be demonizing the responsible gun owners who follow the law.

To finish, I would just like to applaud those who are standing up for our second amendment rights. We are living in an age where our rights are being systematically ripped from our hands by our government, and those who are protesting these actions are true American heroes. They deserve to be thanked, and I would like to take this opportunity to do that. Without them, who knows where our rights would be now?

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservtive


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