Obama’s Numbers Show’s He Isn’t All That Popular Anymore

      A new poll came out today that showed Obama’s approval has gone down the gutter in recent weeks. The poll, which showed the President’s popularity now at only 46 percent surprised many in the media, and it left many wondering what kind of legacy Obama would leave. The largest group of people who had a drop in their views of the President was young people, and this goes to show that Obama is no longer immune from being the ever popular President he thought he would be. After all, he has betrayed the younger generation, and this has put him at risk of losing his star status. 

  Why the sudden decline though? To me, the answer is simple. Obama has betrayed America’s youth in the most obvious way by going into their Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts to glean information. This makes the younger generation, including myself, wary of what exactly the administration has been up to, and it shows that Obama’s presidency is basically George W. 2.0. After all, he is still violating the rights of the American people, and he is continuing the neglect of his duties as President to respect his people’s privacy. 

   What does Obama need to do then to get the popularity he once garnered though? Well, an apology wouldn’t hurt. He has been stubborn in admitting that The Justice Department scandal was wrong, and he is acting like he thinks that he is all powerful and untouchable. If he would take a second and remember that he still is suppose to respect the rights and privacy of his people, he may be able to undo the injustices that his administration has already committed and make his poll numbers go back up. 

    In the meantime, Obama can only hope and pray that the youth of America will forgive him for demeaning their rights. Those who have had their social media, phone conversations, and other communications monitored are upset, and it will take a lot for them to forgive Obama and his administration of “hope and change” for the injustice they have faced. These people have had their voice heard this week by this poll, and it shows that the youth of America will not sit silently while they are taken advantage of by their government. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


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