Paula Deen’s Firing: The Reason I Won’t Be Watching The Food Network Ever Again

Throughout life, we are all faced with challenges. We are born into families with preconceived notions and beliefs, and they sometimes cause us to see the world in a certain way. Sometimes those views are wrong, and it is our responsibility to learn and grow to be open-minded and loving individuals. This growing is truly American, and it shows that where we come doesn’t always affect where we can go.

Paula Deen
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That is, unless you are Paula Deen and the liberal media is attacking you. Deen, who is one of the most beloved faces on the Food Network, stated in a court document that she had used the “N” word in the 1980s, and a media firestorm began immediately. Liberals began to claim that she is a racist bigot, and the liberal media aided these hooligans in having their point legitimized. First, Deen was asked to give an apology, but, after she decided to do it on her own terms instead of with The Today Show, the Food Network announced it would not renew her contract.

Yes, liberal idiots caused a hard working woman to lose her job. Mrs. Deen was wrong in using the word, but the fact that she could not recall saying it since the 1980’s shows that she is far from racist. She was raised in the segregation era in the south, and she had to learn that what she had been taught as a child was wrong. Once she learned that, she quit saying the word, and she apologized for saying it. Therefore, I see no reason for her to be under any scrutiny, and I certainly do not think that the Food Network should have dropped her.

That’s why I have decided I will not be watching the Food Network anymore. I watch it often, but I will no longer be watching it after I saw the idiotic way they have handled the situation with Paula Deen. They are nothing but bigots who have taken the dreams of a woman who has worked hard to get to where she is today and shattered them because of a mistake that she made thirty years ago. They, and their sister network The Food Channel, are disgusting, and I am urging you all not to watch them as well. That’s the only way we can teach them that their actions are wrong, and make things a little bit right for Paula Deen and anyone else who has made a mistake throughout their lives.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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