Travelling Man: Edward Snowden Is On The Move

Since leaking information that he obtained from the Department of Justice, Edward Snowden  has been on a worldwide run from the United States government. His first stop after being charged with espionage was Hong Kong, but that stay didn’t last long. After leaving Asia, Snowden took off on a flight to the Land of The Czars, where Prime Minister Putin gave him refuge in Moscow. Now, the U.S. government is trying to do everything in their power to get Snowden back to the United States to be tried,

That is most likely not going to happen though. Putin has said that Moscow will be a safe place for Snowden until he can find another country who will harbor him, and it looks like Ecuador, who is now harboring Wikileaks poster boy and alleged rapist Julian Assange in their British embassy, will gladly give Snowden a home. If Ecuador doesn’t come through, Cuba and Venezuela are other possible places Snowden can find refuge in. These countries, who I now consider to be enemies of the United States, have railed against the U.S. in the past, and they are now taking more and more steps to show what their true colors are.

Snowden Makes News in Hong Kong
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Snowden, in the meantime, continues to captivate the American media and set up for the book he will most likely write to become a bestseller. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and other networks have pretty much given him twenty-four hour coverage, and this means that he will be another American “hero” to liberals like Bradley Manning and Obama’s terrorist friends from the 1970’s. It’s the reality of the situation,and it will only probably grow worse in years to go. After all, those who betray the United States are now considered somehow heroic, and they should never be charged with a crime according to liberals.

What happens when you even talk about charging somebody with a crime after they leaked information that was confidential and could put our nation’s security at risk? Well, after David Gregory asked Glenn Greenwald  if he should be charged for publishing the original Justice Department story, which came to out Snowden as the one who distributed the information, Greenwald pretty much had a fit and did a whole “how dare you?” act on the air. This shows that, in modern America, traitors think that they are above the law, and it shows that we need to do a lot of work in our country to keep it a country where we can keep the secrets that need to be kept.

In the meantime, we must live in fear of what will come out next. Yes, as I have said in the past, I think that the information about the government spy program should have been revealed, but I also think that Snowden is going to be leaking confidential information that could put our safety at risk before you know it. After all, he is now becoming chummy with some of the nations that hate us the most, and it is probably not free of cost. It probably cost information,and it makes our country vulnerable to attacks. Only through bringing Snowden to justice can we make it so that our country can regain some sense of safety, and we can move on to continue to build our legacy as one of the other greatest countries on earth.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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