Saturday Book Review: David Reuben’s “Islamic Tsunami”

    For today’s book review, I give you David Reuben’s book “The Islamic Tsunami”. In this work, Reuben begins by giving a detailed description of the history of Islam and how it has been a catalyst for violence since its beginning. He discusses everything from Muhammad’s life to modern Islam, and he gives strong and poignant stories to back up his belief that Islam has been a major reason for violence in the world since its conception. After all, he wants to know what led to the praises that many Muslims sang after the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. 

      Reuben has a personal reason for writing this book though, which makes it even more compelling. Living in Israel, Reuben’s son was injured by a Palestinian bomb during the conflict in the region. Using this story, he slowly starts to craft that, while some Muslims are peaceful, other Muslims use the religion to perpetrate hatred and violence against their fellow humans. He then goes on to cover exactly what the Quran teaches, and he uses that to show why some Muslims have used their holy book to excuse their violence. 

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   One of the most interesting parts of the book is when Reuben addresses how Islam has been a catalyst for antisemitism since its conception. He uses detailed stories and writings from the Muslim faith to show that dislike of Jewish people has been a keystone of the Muslim faith since day one. Some of what you will read about this is shocking, but it is very informative to one who is not knowledgeable about the Islamic faith. 

   The main point of Reuben’s book though is that the Obama administration is slowly starting to let extreme Islamic ideologies become more and more accepted. Reuben recounts Obama’s speech in Egypt and his lackluster support for Israel as examples to the way Obama sees extremist Muslims around the world. Why is Obama like this though? Well, Reuben recounts a close connection between Obama, Muslims, and even Saudi Arabia, and it will surprise you to read some of the information that Reuben shares. It is truly enlightening, and it will have you looking at the world in a different way.

    So I suggest you read his book when you get a chance to find out about everything Reuben covers on the issue because it truly is a lot of information.From Obama’s ties with Islam to the history of the Muslim faith, it will keep your attention throughout.It is a must read for any supporter of Israel or conservative, and it will educate you on how modern Islam has come about. I highly recommend it, and I can assure you that it will be a fascinating read. 

May God Bless America and Happy Reading, 

The Generation X Conservative 


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