The Exploitation Of “The Green Movement”: Al Gore, Global Warming, And Money

   From time to time, we must take a look at what is being made mainstream in our society and ask ourselves why this is happening. I found myself doing this recently when I thought about the whole “green movement” and what exactly it is accomplishing. While some would like you to think that the world is an extreme warming trend that will never end, there is still some evidence that points to the fact that earth may just be on a natural warming trend. In the meantime, those who are environmentalists are selling you a plethora of products to make you sleep a little sounder at night that you didn’t contribute to killing a polar bear or baby penguin. 

   This started small, with the clerk at your local market offering you a reusable bag, but it has ballooned to a multi-million dollar business that sells everything from expensive light bulbs to electric cars that are sold for much more than their production cost. While you are making these hefty purchases, men and women who claim to be doing what is best for the earth are taking your money to buy expensive gas powered cars and go on expensive trips. The fact is that they are ripping you off, and you are buying into it. You may not know many of these individuals, but we can look at Al Gore, who some may say is “The Father Of The Green Movement” to see what is being done with your money. 

   After a  failed Presidential bid in 2000, Gore had been pretty much on the lower rungs of the political ladder. That’s when he had the brilliant idea to share global warming with the world. After the release of his movie, he had an Oscar, a Nobel Peace Prize, and a speaking engagement fee that was a pretty penny. He had become a rich, rich man, and he  spent the money that he made from teaching people to be “green” polluting the environment with his private jets and fancy environmentalist parties. He betrayed the movement, and he is a shining example of what the green movement is all about. 

  Exploitation aside, I think that the modern green movement is flawed in many ways. Our focus on protecting the ice caps has gotten us thinking that corn and water is the energy of the future. Yet, we are not thinking about the fact that food and water, the two necessities of life, are going to be used to fuel our fancy cars and give us electricity for our television sets and other luxuries. This will, in turn, cause a depletion of our natural resources, and it will cause world hunger and thirst to be a growing issues. Environmentalist don’t want to hear this though, but I think that it is important that we realize what consequences that could come from using some of our food and water supply to power our modern conveniences. 

  So what do I propose as a conservative? First, I would like to say that we need more research to find out whether the melting ice caps are part of an alarming trend or a natural occurrence in the weather patterns of our world. Additionally, I think that more gas exploration and an enhanced focus on wind and solar energy are important. That way, we will not be letting people overseas starve so that we can power the western hemisphere. Hopefully, these ideas will allow us to protect the earth and gain economic and energy independence at the same time. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


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