Abortion Wars: With Stricter Laws Starting Across U.S., Abortion Activists Are Getting Desperate

   The fact is, abortion is becoming a lot harder to do in certain parts of the country. With states such as Texas and North Carolina passing tough laws that crack down on late term abortions, those who, like me, are in the pro-life camp have a lot to be glad about. Meanwhile, the men and women of this country who support abortion are becoming more and more desperate to preserve an institution that is slowly starting to become considered heinous by many. These individuals are doing everything within their power to save the abortion practice, and many are making themselves look bad in the process. 

   Take, for instance, the case of Salon.com. The liberal institution has been singing the praises of abortion advocates even when they say horrible things about Christianity and those who disagree with them in the process. This went way too far when they recently profiled a girl who held up a sign that read “Jesus isn’t  a d#@! so keep him out of my vagina”. This story of inappropriateness was picked up by several conservative sites, including newsbusters.org and others who stated that they found the comment obscene. Of course, Salon attacked these organizations and defended the foul mouthed teenager because, to them, anyone who says anything about abortion should not be taken seriously, and, in most all cases, ridiculed. 

   Salon isn’t the only one who is shaking in their boots over the pro-life laws that are getting passed around their country. Jezebel, a feminist blog, is at it too, but they took it a step further. In covering a heartwarming story of a Catholic priest who saved a child with Downes Syndrome from being aborted by convincing the parents to keep their baby if he found suitable adoptive parents, Jezebel decided they were going to turn the priest and parents of the child as villains. They would have rather had the child be aborted than to have a positive story about alternatives to abortion anywhere on there site because they would never want to say that they supported the right of a child to live. 

   And then there’s all the liberal media who demonize the lawmakers who pass the bills against abortion. They demonize the lawmakers who get the bills against abortion passed, and they call the women who vote to have stricter abortion laws traitors. They are the worst of the worst, and they should be called out on their bias. For them though, they are all in it together, so they will never criticize one another for being supportive of an agenda. 

   So where does that leave the conservative movement? We must express our support for the lawmakers getting stricter on abortion by voting for them at the ballot box. We must also use social media, blogs, and whatever means we have to have our voices heard. After all, the voices of the millions of people who do not support abortion will easily drown out the view voices in the liberal media who are desperately seeking to have their heinous movement legitimized. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


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