Military Problems: Former Members Join Mexican Drug Cartels

Today, as I was surfing the various news sites I read, I stumbled upon an interesting article on Fox News about an alarming trend that is occurring with members or former members of our military. The story profiled two soldiers who are currently in prison for allegedly agreeing to kill for Mexican drug cartel. While two men were profiled, it seems like it is an alarming trend, and it has the military grasping at solutions to the problem. While others may complain about how wrong these two men were to do what they did, I feel that this is a perfect opportunity to show the challenges our troops face when they return home to combat.

For instance, what drove these two former military members to be contracted killers for Mexican drug cartels? The most simple explanation would be money. When our veterans return home from overseas, they face a high rate of unemployment.  This causes them to do things that they might otherwise not do, and this could be the case in these two instances. By providing better job opportunities to our veterans, we can help prohibit situations like this from ever happening again. Even without these instances occurring, we should be trying as hard as possible to ensure our men and women who fight for our nation return home to a steady job and good income.

Another issue that this brought up for me is the fact that mental illness still plagues many of our veterans, and little is being done to prevent it. While not knowing the situation completely, it seems like two men would not agree to kill innocent people if they were mentally sane. Therefore, I feel like lack of proper mental care may have been what caused these men to make such a drastic decision.  To me, if they were given the proper tools to handle readjusting to civilian life they may have never agreed to work for the drug cartel.

It’s not only these two men who mental illness affects though. Many men and women overseas return with PTSD and other issues from the war, and they deserve to have a place where they can talk about their thoughts and feelings. If more would be done within this area, I feel like the rate of military suicides would decrease tremendously. Until this day comes though, I fear that many other instances will occur, and that we will have done an injustice to the men and women who have done the most for us.

Before I end this post, I just want to say that these two men don’t characterize the entire military (obviously), and that most men and women who serve overseas would never participate in such activity. I just want to point out that I feel there are reasons why veterans may resort to such options since their resources are limited when they get home, and I hoped to raise awareness to these injustices. By doing this, I hope that the problems that our veterans and service members face will decrease as time goes on, and they can live happy, healthy lives since they have done so much for me and my fellow Americans.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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