Insanity? Please!!!!: Ford Hood Shooter Nadal Hasan Should Be Sentenced To Death

The rampage at Fort Hood by Nadal Hasan is one of the worst terrorist acts carried out on our soil since September 11, 2001. With the trial of Nadal Hasan starting to gear up, some are saying that such a heinous act could only be carried out by somebody who was mentally ill. Even though he was found competent to stand trial, these messages still are out there, and they have me troubled. While it’s all nice and lovely to think about Hasan’s actions being carried out due to being plagued by mental illness, it was something totally different that caused him to murder thirteen individuals.

What plagued Hasan is the growing worldwide epidemic of Islamic extremism. After converting to his Muslim faith in the early 2000s, Hassan began to grow increasingly extreme in his religious views according to court documents. He enlisted into the military where he was up close and personal with the war on terrorism, and this caused him to be sympathetic to the cause of those who wanted to see America destroyed. He became a radicalized Muslim so much so that he decided that it was his job to commit a jihad against the brave men and women of the armed forces on their own soil.

That’s why i have no sympathy for Nadal Hasan. He is no better than the men and who crashed planes into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania on 9/11. He is a terrorist and murderer, and his sanity should not even be an issue in the trial. He needs to be treated like someone  would be who was found launching grenades and shooting bullets on battlefields in Iraq in Afghanistan, and this means that he should be looking at one sentence when all is said and done. That would be a death sentence.

He has already confessed that he is the shooter, and it has been making headlines. To me, I think that this shows a certain pride that he took in being able to carry out the attack. After all, he follows extremist Islam, which teaches that those who kill non-Muslims will be rewarded in the afterlife, and he is therefore not ashamed of taking away the lives of thirteen innocent people. He may play like he is Mr. Remorseful on the stand, but I’m not buying that one little bit.

As the trial plays out, more and more is going to come to light about the life and beliefs of Nadal Hasan. It’s going to be interesting to see what the defense has to say about what drove him to his horrific actions, but I won’t buy whatever it is that they are selling. They are defending someone who is a terrorist who killed U.S. heroes.  These thirteen heroes are no longer with us because of this man, and the only way they will get justice is if Hasan has his life cut short just as he cut short all of their lives.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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