Off The Mark: Priebus’ Boycotts Only Distract From Real Life Problems

Like it or not, the Republican National Committee is in trouble. After the last two Presidential elections swept in the favor of the Democrats, they should be focusing their attention on how to get more people interested in their party platform by updating some of their policies of history past. Instead, they are acting like schoolchildren, and this is distracting from important issues that we could be using to garner votes in 2014, 2016, and beyond. I am talking specifically about one man, Reince Preibus, the head of the RNC who made the talk show rounds this weekend to discuss some unimportant issues.

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Preibus appeared on CNN where he discussed how he was urging Republicans to boycott CNN and NBC due to the fact that they are scheduled to air a documentary about Hillary Clinton before the 2016 Presidential election. While, the media does have some power, the simple fact of the matter is that these two networks airing Clinton documentaries will probably have no baring on the election. Most people vote on policies, and whether or not they disagree with Clinton’s policies, if she even runs, will cause her to win or lose in 2016. That’s why Priebus needs to tone down his childish games of boycotting networks simply because he does not like Clinton.

Instead, he has plenty that he could have used his face time on national television networks to talk about. This summer has been one for the record books, as it has shown many of Obama’s failures. This has caused his base to become disillusioned with their once infallible President. Take, for instance, the NSA spying programs, Priebus could have talked about how Obama is not a transparent guy after all, and he could have used this to garner support for a limited government candidate in 2016.

Going with the limited government platform, he could have went on to relate the NSA spying with the IRS scandal, which saw officials target conservative groups for extra scrutiny during tax time. This could have been an excellent talking point, but instead he abandoned the opportunity to talk about a documentary that is years from airing. This made him look like a weak guy who was too concerned with partisan politics to focus on the real issues, and this is going to be another reason for people to say that we Republicans are failing as a party. We keep bringing things up that have little to no substance when we could use the time to talk about important issues, and this bothers both Democrats and Republicans.

So as time goes along, we need to fix the problem. We need to not be so childish that we call for boycotts of networks for a simple documentary (maybe produced by Fox by the way), and we need to get our platform out there. We need to focus on the real issues that are affecting Americans such as how to fix the economy and the need for limited government. If we do this, we will hopefully see a Republican take the White House in 2016.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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