Demand “The Million Muslim March”, Planned On 9/11, Be Cancelled

Believe it or not, it’s only a few more weeks before Americans mourn the passing of thousands as they remember the anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001. It will be a time to remember what we lost on that day, and we can celebrate the steps we have taken to get our nation back since that day. The day will certainly be an emotional one, but, as always, we can get through it by coming together as a nation. While most of us will spend the day coping with the tragedy, a group of people will be using the day to spread political propaganda and make selfish gripes.


I am talking about the American Muslim Political Action Committee. This group of Muslims are using the day that thousands of Americans lost their lives to extremist Islamists to protest what they say is religious profiling against their community. In fact, they are planning a “Million Man March” on the Capitol on the day.  It is one of the most insensitive timings for an event, I have ever heard, and I am urging you all to contact the organization and tell them that using the anniversary of the worst attack on American soil for political gain is not acceptable.

After all, they would not like us traveling to Mecca or Medina on their big pilgrimage days to protest the radicals in their community. They would be outraged if we did such a thing, but they somehow think that it’s reasonable to turn the anniversary of 9/11 into a day where they can make gripes and whine. The only ones who should be making any complaints on a day like 9/11 are the families and friends whose friends perished on that horrific day.  They are the victims, and I am sick and tired of people like the American Muslim Political Action Committee playing victim when they are the farthest thing from it.

If they want to protest what they see as mistreatment, they should do it on September 10th or September 12th, but they should not do it on September 11th.  It is a slap in the face to the country which they have chosen to call home, and it is an even bigger insult to the ones who lost loved ones on 9/11. To have a protest to complain about religious profiles just blocks away to where extremists from their religion ran planes into the Pentagon is just wrong,and they should honestly reconsider where and when they do the protests. If they you want respect, they should be respectful, and this is the least respectful thing that they could do.

So now we will see what happens. With only a few weeks before the march it looks like turnout will be minimal, and maybe it will send a message that having an event on such a day is unacceptable. In the meanwhile, we remember those who lost their lives on that historic and horrific day and look forward to a safe and secure future as a nation. We have gone through a lot, and days like this are a day to remember the determination we have as a country.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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