Education Problems: Time To Send Your Kids Back To Flawed And Troubled Schools

In the next month or so, those of you parents out there are going to be sending your kids back to school. It may mean more relaxation and rest for you or it may mean not having to pay all that money on a babysitter. Nevertheless, our children will be sent back to school to be taught what our government thinks they should know. While this may seem like a great thing, the fact is things aren’t like they use to be, and the government has been systematically expecting our children to know less and less.

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Take the case of me and some of my relatives. I went to a private Christian school all throughout my education.We had to learn everything from physics, to algebra, to world event and history. Our English and literature programs had us speaking properly and reading such great authors as Jane Austin and Sir Francis Bacon. Meanwhile, my relatives who were grew up going to public school read such great (note the sarcasm), modern classics as Harry Potter, and their English classes consisted of watching movies and talking about them.

To say the least, these two different instances show the difference between the flawed public school systems in American and the private schools that are outdoing them almost one hundred percent of the time. Many wonder why such a difference occurs in private education versus public education, but the answer, to me, is quite simple. In private school, everybody is expected to do well, and not doing well is not an option. The classes are smaller, and if you don’t know something questions are welcomed. Additionally, if one did bad in the schools I went to they were pretty much made to go to after school tutoring, and not doing so had serious questions. In public schools, there are no expectations except to pass the government test at the end of the year so that the school can receive funding, and this causes the kids to not be motivated whatsoever.

Just look at the government tests that kids are required to take before graduation. They are filled with simple questions that most people should know. I have talked to a few people who have taken the tests, and some of the questions that are on there are “What is an omelet?” and other simplistic questions. They should be being asked about what Watergate was, how to find the radius of a circle, and other relevant questions, not asking what ninety-nine percent of the population already knows. If they would expect a little bit more from the kids, they would see that our children are capable of doing much better in school, but continuing to expect less will only cause them to become more and more unintelligent in the future. They don’t though, and that’s why our schools are failing under Obama and Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program.

That’s why I support the voucher program, where parents are given vouchers and then get to decide where they want their children to go. This levels the playing field so that kids from underprivileged neighborhoods can go get a quality education at a private school, and I feel that this will make our test scores as a nation higher in the years to come. Liberals seem to object for the simple reason because they want the government to have full control over their lives, but they are hurting America’s underprivileged children the most. The simple truth is that private schools have been proven to provide better educations, and allowing for those who may not be able to afford them will fix some of the problems with our corrupt and flawed public  school system.

That’s why I am encouraging you to look into private school as you decide where to send your kids back to school this fall. I can guarantee you they will receive a better education and be much better in the end for it. I am also encouraging you to demand that all children have the opportunity to attend private school if they so choose by trying to get the voucher program invigorated once more. After all, they are America’s future, and the way they are educated may have a big impact on what America looks like in 100 years.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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