Christopher Lane And Antonio Santiago’s Murders Show Need For Harsher Punishment For Violent Youth

Let me introduce you to two people whose names you should know. The first one is Antonio Santiago. The smiling one-year-old was a happy go lucky kid. He had just celebrated his birthday, and he was looking like he was going to have a happy and healthy future as a kid. The next individual I would like you to meet is Christopher Lane. He came to Oklahoma from Australia to go to school, and he excelled both in baseball in his studies. He, like Antonio, looked like he had a promising future.

Both of these individuals never got to see their future though because they were shot and killed by teenagers. Antonio was being strolled along the streets of his Georgia town by his mother when teen thug De’Marquise Elkins approached them. Elkins demanded that Sherry West, Antonio’s mother, and when she did not provide him with the money he shot Antonio in his face, killing him. Halfway across the country, three more teen thugs decided to shoot and kill Christopher Lane when they saw him jogging because they were “bored”. Both of these deaths are extremely tragic, and they prove that kids needs to know that such actions are completely not acceptable.

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With anything, this starts at homes. In today’s politically correct world, parents are  afraid to spank their children, and oftentimes they are even afraid to discipline their children. If more parents would let kids know right from wrong from an early age, they would know the difference between right and wrong, and they would see that their actions have consequences. Instead, we are raising a generation who feels that they can do whatever they want, and they have no value for life whatsoever. Unless this changes, this is only going to get worse, but it’s up to parents to ensure that their children are raised in a way so they know morality by the time they enter high school.

Christopher Lane
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The next step that will ensure incidents like this happen less is to get rid of outdated laws that have two sets of rules for those over and under eighteen. In the case of the murder of baby Antonio, the killer was seventeen, and he therefore could not face the death penalty. In the case of Christopher Lane, the ages of the perpetrators have not been released, but it is assumed that they are under eighteen. It seems to me like if they would have had the possibility of facing the death penalty, they would have found a different way to cure their “boredom” instead of taking the life of the promising Australian baseball player. Instead they robbed Lane of his life because they figured they would get life at prison at worst and, at best, get out on their eighteenth birthdays.

That’s why we need to get tougher on today’s youth. Fifty years ago, crime rates were lower because people knew that a murder would land you in the electric chair, but we now are seeing this rise in crime because this fear of getting capitol punishment is gone. If we could get people to have this fear of capitol punishment again, especially today’s youth, we could see the crime rates among youth drop. Add parents disciplining their kids at home, and we could even see the youth crime rate reach an all time low. I know some of you out there may disagree with both corporal and capitol punishment, but think about where we are today as a society. We have kids murdering babies and strangers, and this is atrocious. This has to stop, and I feel that this one solution to a very serious problems.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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