Opinion: Obama Hesitant To Attack Syria, Afraid It Could Become His Iraq

As more and more information has poured in over the last few days, the evidence is clear that Assad has been using chemical attacks on his people. Yesterday, the government in the U.K. voted that they would not be intervening in Syria, but it seems like the answer is a lot less clear what the United States will do. Secretary of State John Kerry seems to be presenting information that is extremely damning to Assad and his regime, but Obama seems to be extremely hesitant on what exactly to do with the rogue leader and his military. While some in the media are speculating why Obama seems so hesitant to intervene, I feel that the answer lies with President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq

When we went into Iraq, a large number of Americans supported the efforts of Bush to get rid of Saddam Hussein and his rogue government. They felt that it was good that we were putting an end to chemical attacks on minorities in that country, and the fact that Hussein’s regime may have been a threat to our national security also made many Americans feel that our invasion of Iraq was justified. Bush took this support and rolled with it, but the support didn’t last longs. As the war continued, many Americans began to feel that we should not have given up so many American lives to attack a country that did not have any chemical weapons and was no threat to our national security. To be frank, they didn’t even care about the human rights violations committed by Hussein against his own people. They just wanted our men and women to be safe and sound on their own soil, and that is why they became so passionate about ending the war because they felt that we should not have gone there in the first place.

Fast forward to the present day, and Obama sees the vitriol and hate that is placed on George W. Bush because of his invasion of Iraq in 2004. He has a similar situation on his hands as a tyrannical dictator is murdering his own people, and many in the U.S. want us to intervene in some way shape or form. The fact is that if we attack Syria, even without any boots on the ground, the situation could escalate and we may have to send our men and women to Syria to fight. This could lead to a long struggle, and it may lead to Syria becoming Obama’s Iraq.

This, I feel, it the reason that Obama is hesitant to attack the Assad regime. I personally feel that he should go ahead and attack them, but I can see why he would fear doing such a thing. If he doesn’t though, he could risk losing America’s image as a peacekeeper, and it could have an impact on our country in the future. This would be damaging to world relations in the future, and it could really hurt us. That is why Obama needs to make the decision to spread freedom in Syria and beyond.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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