D.C. Naval Yard Shooting Shows Major Flaw In American Tax Policies

This morning, three gunmen  opened up fire on a naval yard in Washington D.C. The incident took twelves lives and injured others. While President Obama and others called for justice to be served in this senseless crime, the families and loved ones are left to deal with the tragic loss of  a loved one unexpectedly passing away.  While many asked how this could have happened on American soil, the answer, to me, is very simple. You just have to look at the way that we use our tax dollars here in the U.S.

(Image Via http://www.rt.com)

Each year, America pumps millions of dollars into pork projects, abortions, unnecessary vacations for politicians, and other things. While those in Congress work for the political lobbies and interest groups, they neglect the wants and needs of the American people. From not funding our military properly to letting our national debt go up while serving their own self interest, politicians do what they want without thinking twice about what they are doing to the people they are meant to represent. Now, they have the blood of the twelve individuals who died this morning.

That is due to the fact that they pump millions of funding into other things that aren’t necessary while they don’t protect the people who protect us the most. How is it that the three individuals were able to get into the facility and cause such havoc? The place needed to be better protected,and the fact that the security was not better should tick every American off.  These men and women fought for our freedoms, but our government does not have the common decency to allow them to be safe at home. Instead, they fund special interest groups that get them elected and have no regard for protecting those who make our country safe.

It’s the same thing that happened with Benghazi. Those individuals died because they did not have adequate security because our government did not provide them with it.  Instead, they use the money to go on vacations and get drivers.   It’s sick to think about, but it’s true. Maybe today will be a turning point where the American people say enough is enough, and we can finally start to protect the men and women who protect us the most. If not, I fear like more instances like the one today will occur, and I do not want that.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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