Poverty Problems: Stagnant Poverty Rates Prove Obama Policies Are Wrong For America

(Image Via http://www.salem-news..com)
Chart from 2010 shows 15 percent poverty rate. Same as today.

If you are listening to media outlets, Americans recession is over. They sight rising stock prices and lowering unemployment rates for their claims that America is seeing a new and more prosperous day. What they are not realizing though is that many Americans have left the workforce and even more have taken a cut in hours or pay. Our economy is far from being healed of the great scars that the 2008 housing market crash along with the following recession caused, but you may not know that by watching the news as of late.

For instance, over the last six years, the poverty rate in America has been about 15 percent. Even as reports emerged that our economy had begun to recover, the number of people living below the poverty line has not changed. While liberals in the media site pay differences between the upper classes and lower classes, the fact is that it is just hyping an agenda. I feel that the problems lies with one issue, and this issue can be traced back to Obama and liberals.

That issue is where our jobs are going. The fact is that our jobs are being shipped overseas because businesses face high taxes and extreme restrictions here in America. To bring business back to America, we need to make it easier for businesses, small business in particular, to thrive here in the U.S.A.  Lowering their taxes and getting rid of some of the unnecessary red tape is the perfect solution to do this.

Instead we pump money into unnecessary and unproductive industries, such as the green movement, while simultaneously making it harder for small businesses in every other industry to thrive. Therefore, no new jobs are created, and this keeps people underemployed and unemployed. If we would bring jobs back to America, especially those that don’t require impoverished people to get hundred thousand dollar degrees (i.e. green movement jobs), we need to invest in manufacturing and industry jobs. If we don’t do this, we will be left wondering why, in another ten or fifteen years, our poverty level is still stagnant or even higher than it is now. If we do do something about the problem though, we may just be able to lower the poverty rate and allow more Americans to go back to work.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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