While I’m glad Republicans Voted To End Funding For Obamacare, Obama Reacts In Anger

        House Republicans made me proud today as they voted to strip funding for Obama’s socialized health care plan that is set to go into affect this coming January. This occurred in part of a larger bill that is currently being debate as to what the budget in the upcoming year should be for the government. If a decision is not reached by October 1st, the government will be shut down. As many in the nation are urging the House and Senate not to let a shutdown occur, Republicans saw this as their perfect opportunity to try to prevent the government from having more control in its citizens life than they do already. 

          With the vote passing, the liberal media went into a firestorm. Liberals called conservatives opportunists, and they condemned the bill. Meanwhile, Obama came out and said that he’s pretty much sick of conservatives messing with him. To which I say, we are sick of him messing in our personal lives by forcing health insurance and socialism on us. Nevertheless, the bill will probably be vetoed when it gets to Obama’s desk. In fact, it probably won’t even get past the Senate, but for now I am applauding the Republicans and their bold efforts to end the harmful Obamacare program before it starts. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


One thought on “While I’m glad Republicans Voted To End Funding For Obamacare, Obama Reacts In Anger

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I agree. My school just announced our new healthcare policy for this year, and it is a FORTUNE for teachers at our small private school to pay into. Criminal. All thanks to ObamaCare.

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