A Note To My Fellow Conservatives: Button Up The Sexism

While most of my posts deal with liberal ideologies that I disagree with, this post is for my fellow conservatives. Recently, at a Republican convention in California, buttons were sold that had sexist remarks toward Hillary Clinton on them. They said something to the affect of “Hillary KFC Special; 2 Fat Thighs,Two Small Breasts, Left Wing”. While not even being humorous (unless you’re an eighth grader I guess), these buttons made our party look bad. Liberal media outlet after liberal media outlet wrote about the story, and they used this instance to reiterate the claim that our party is one stuck in the past. If we continue to present ourselves with this image, we are going to fail as a party because no one under thirty-five is going to want to vote for a party with a checkered past of sexism.

I know. You will say that Democrats have done similar, if not worse things, to conservatives, but the fact of the matter is that shouldn’t matter. We need to be the bigger person when it comes to dealing with liberals, and this means not using dehumanizing attacks against our opponents. If we want to criticize Hillary Clinton, it should be on her flawed political thinking, not her body, and focusing on her body as a talking point only makes us look weak as a party. So my fellow conservatives, let’s get our act together. We don’t need any more under the belt attacks against liberals. We need a strong party message and to attack liberals where they are wrong politically. If we do this, we may just have a chance at a bright future as a party, but, if we don’t, conservatism may become extinct before we know it.  After all, Hillary may run in 2016, and this could be a great talking point on how we conservatives are out of date and out of touch.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


3 thoughts on “A Note To My Fellow Conservatives: Button Up The Sexism

  1. Oh no! Dehumanizing attacks against Liberals are quite all right and very true. We’re not going to permanently rid our country of these filth while we keep giving them the hand-out of treating them as humans with all the rights and privileges such a state of being confers.

    Of course I don’t believe this war will be ended by the ballot…

  2. I find it interesting that you seem more concerned with conservatives “buttoning up” their misogyny as opposed to being concerned that such raging misogony seems not only common place and widely accepted within conservative circles.

    • The whole “button up” thing was a play on words since it had to do with Hillary Clinton buttons. The article itself is about the fact that conservatives shouldn’t have such insane and backwards ideas when it comes to sex and gender, and that the fact that it is accepted within conservative circles is wrong.

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